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Puppy Love Patrol: Service Dog Swoons Over K9 Officer Neighbor



Quick Smiles:

  • Zilla, a service dog in training, and K9 Kylo, a police dog, delighted the internet with their charming frolic in the park.
  • Their owner-captured meet-cute has drawn over 807,000 views, showcasing Zilla’s first ever puppy crush.
  • Zilla’s human, Alorah Wolf, shares the story of her rescue Malinois learning to navigate life while falling for her disciplined next-door K9.

It’s a budding romance that’s capturing hearts across the web—a tale of a service dog in training charmed by the furry officer next door.

Their endearing encounters have not only amassed over 807,000 views on TikTok but also offered a glimpse into the lives of these hardworking pups.

See it for yourself below:


✨💕 I can’t believe I’m saying this but my baby girl has a boyfriend 🥺 this is thr first time in her LIFE that I’ve ever seen her get excited about another dog. K9 Zilla does NOT like all dogs, for that fact that she’s paws over heels about K9 Kylo is all I need 😌 (no puppies were made in the making of this video) #fyp #foryoupage #K9 #K9Unit #workingdog #serviceanimal #belgianmalinois #newportkentucky #policeK9 ♬ so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

The viral sensation began with Zilla, a Belgian Malinois in the midst of her service training, who couldn’t hide her excitement when she met K9 Kylo in their Newport neighborhood.

“The first time in her life” she showed such joy towards another dog, revealed Zilla’s owner, Alorah Wolf, as the video zoomed in on Zilla’s enthusiastically wagging tail.


Alorah detailed the blossoming affection between Zilla and K9 Kylo, noting, “Now, every time we head out she looks to see if K9 Kylo is working nearby.”

Zilla, a three-year-old rescue funded by the Antioch Police Department’s family and friends, is sharpening her skills to aid her owner’s disabilities.

She’s a canine on a mission, trained to detect health emergencies, fetch medical items, and even deliver a note for help.

K9 Kylo, a four-year-old with a Serbian heritage, is no stranger to discipline himself, having been shaped into an enforcement pro by the Houston K9 Academy.

Despite Zilla’s usual indifference towards other dogs, her eagerness around K9 Kylo is “a very big deal for us!”

Alorah exclaimed, as the pair were seen on video eagerly “booping” noses.


Sharon Wachsler from At Your Service Dog Training explained the dedication it takes to become a service animal. They are not just pets but life-changing companions for those with disabilities, offering safety and independence.

Similarly, police K9s like Kylo undergo intense training to master skills necessary for their vital roles in law enforcement.

The adoration for the working dog duo extends beyond the training grounds, touching the TikTok community deeply.

With over 207,000 likes and a multitude of comments, users celebrate their shared commitment and surprising affection.

“Just two doggos with jobs falling in love,” a user sentimentally noted, summarizing the unique connection between Zilla and K9 Kylo—a sentiment as pure as the service they’re both being groomed to provide.