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Senior Cat’s Adorable Nightly Treat Wins Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • A senior feline enjoys a nightly “shot of whipped cream” as a special treat from her owner.
  • The adorable routine, shared on TikTok, has garnered over three million views since its posting.
  • While human food should not replace balanced cat food, some can add appeal and help meet nutritional needs, according to veterinary experts.

She’s 16 let her live

♬ original sound – Katie Levans

We all have our little indulgences, don’t we? And our furry friends are no exception. One senior cat has found a delightful way to end her day, with a small “shot of whipped cream” served up by her doting owner. The owner’s philosophy is simple: “let her live” a little.

This charming ritual was shared with the world by TikTok user @katie_levans. Since its posting on March 20, the video has amassed a whopping three million views.

The video message states: “So every night my cat gets a little shot of whipped cream. My mom started doing it when she was watching her.” The footage captures the moment a hand reaches into the refrigerator, retrieves a can of whipped cream, and serves it to the patiently waiting cat. The feline, perched on a chair, is seen eagerly licking the whipped cream as it’s dispensed.

“She’s 16 let her live,” reads the caption accompanying the post.


Cats over the age of 14 are considered “geriatric,” comparable to humans aged 76-100 years or more, according to veterinarians.

The senior cat’s enthusiasm for her nightly treat is quite understandable. Eating can be an engaging activity for indoor cats, given their limited environmental stimulation.

Regular feeding can help manage and prevent stress-related health issues in cats, such as cystitis, inactivity, overeating, and other obesity-related problems, as noted in a 2018 consensus statement by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

However, it’s crucial to “resist the temptation to begin feeding human food willy-nilly from the table,” caution veterinary experts. They explain, “Once human food is given like this, it becomes much more difficult to transition back to balanced cat foods. It is actually quite difficult to balance a cat’s long-term nutrition when feeding them homemade food.”

Certain human foods can enhance the appeal of regular cat food, encouraging consumption to meet their nutritional needs. These include fresh or frozen water-based vegetables like green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce.

However, owners should consult with a veterinarian to determine the suitability and quantity of these human foods to be added to their cat’s diet without risking weight gain, advise the experts.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tanya

    March 31, 2024 at 10:46 pm

    I think that is adorable. We had a Tuxedo long haired cat that lived til she was 21 yrs old.Around when she was 17, we stared giving her a squirt of light whip cream.She loved it and knew when I said”Whippy cream” . We put it in a small shallow dish for her.I told the vet what we did. She said we shouldn’t be giving her any milk products. She didn’t have too many teeth left. Cats start out like humans with 32. I was told this.So by human age she was around 100 . If I make to 100,I’m going to eat whatever I choose to!!She was also very smart. She knew a lot of words. And when I called her to come in, she did! We have two grey tabbies now. I do not give them whip cream. They are still young(3 ) so I really want them to have their teeth for a long time.Maybe when they get a lot older, we will spoil them as we did our sweet 8lb baby girl.Cats and dogs only have a short life on earth, why not love and spoil them as long as they can be here with you! And when you see them again in Heaven,I’m sure they will be the 1st ones to greet you! Amen

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