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Man Accidentally Uses Dog’s Eclipse Photo for Library Card Application



Quick Smiles:

  • A man’s application for a library card took an amusing turn when he accidentally sent a photo of his dog instead of his ID.
  • The dog, ready for a solar eclipse with protective glasses, became an unexpected hit among library staff and online users.
  • While libraries for dogs may not be common, they do exist, like the one in Minnesota filled with handmade pet toys.

Getting a library card is usually a straightforward process, but for Kevin Michie, it turned into a delightful comedy of errors. Michie recently shared an amusing anecdote on a popular social media platform about his attempt to get a library card from the Newmarket Public Library in Ontario, Canada.

In his post, Michie revealed that he believed he had attached a photo of his driver’s license to verify his address. However, the library’s response indicated a different picture had been sent.

The library’s email response highlighted that instead of a photo of his ID, Michie had unintentionally attached a charming photo of his dog. The canine was captured in the midst of preparing to observe the solar eclipse that occurred on Monday, April 8.

“The photo you submitted was of your dog (who looked like they were enjoying the solar eclipse!!),” the library’s email read.

The dog, seated on the deck with protective glasses on, was all set to watch the moon’s transit over the sun. This delightful image was far from the driver’s license photo Michie intended to send, but it certainly brought a unique charm to the application process.

The Newmarket Public Library was contacted for additional comments regarding this amusing mix-up.

Michie’s post garnered significant attention, amassing over 588,000 views and 33,000 likes. Many social media users found humor in the situation, with some even suggesting the dog should receive its own library card.


“They had a GREAT time showing that to all the other library employees. You and your dog are now a wholesome library office moment,” one user commented. Another added humorously, “You forgot to add your address that’s what the problem was, this image is clearly you.”

The idea of a library for dogs isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. In Minnesota, a woman named Julie Longenecker has established a free library for local dogs. This unique library, located outside her home, is filled with handmade pet toys from her small business, Whiskers n’ Paws.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eliot Schickler

    May 1, 2024 at 6:24 pm

    Someone should teach the dog how to read!

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