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Hugs, Hooves, and Happiness: Newborn Donkey Steals Hearts by Demanding Affection [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A video of a newborn donkey demanding hugs at Simply Country Farm in Oklahoma has become an internet sensation, garnering over 160,000 views and 20,000 likes in 24 hours.
  • Despite soaring land prices in the U.S., the Denny family, first-generation ranchers, and farmers have restored their family ranch for seven generations to a regenerative state.
  • TikTok viewers fell in love with the baby donkey, with one commenting, “Coming from a vet student who treated everything, donkeys are the BEST.”

Get ready to be charmed by a loveable newborn donkey who has become the latest internet darling thanks to her unwavering demand for hugs!

In a heartwarming video shared by Lauren Denny on TikTok, the latest addition to Simply Country Farm in Oklahoma is seen charming viewers with her irresistible cuteness.

“I can’t even, she’s so cute,” Denny coos in the video, as the white baby donkey with adorable black-tipped ears, tentatively named Snow or Ivory, eagerly walks up to her, begging for affectionate hugs and back scratches.

Farm life may seem like a far-off dream for many, but for Denny and her family, it’s a rewarding reality.

Despite skyrocketing land prices in the U.S., Denny and her family have found their slice of paradise in Oklahoma, where they’ve dedicated themselves to farming.

According to data from, Oklahoma’s average land cost is about $8,220 per acre, which is at the lower end of the scale compared to states like New Jersey, with an average cost of $99,226 per acre.


“Our ranch has been in my family for seven generations, and over the years it has worn down. Now, we are taking it on to restore the land back to a regenerative state,” Denny states on her farm’s website, revealing their dream to bring the community closer to country life.

The video of the newborn donkey has resonated with viewers, garnering more than 160,000 views and 20,000 likes in just 24 hours.

Users were enamored by the tiny donkey, with one exclaiming, “Coming from a vet student who treated everything, donkeys are the BEST.”

Another viewer added, “We demand to see all the baby donkeys together, please.”

Get ready for your daily dose of cute, because this fluffy little donkey is here to steal your heart!