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Blind Kitty Warms Hearts, Lives Best Life Despite Challenges



Quick Smiles:

  • A blind kitty named Stevie has captured the hearts of many on social media with her touching story.
  • Stevie, who was born without eyes, gets excited when she senses her owner nearby and reaches out to touch her.
  • Despite her challenges, Stevie is living her best life, thanks to the love and care of her owner.

sometimes i don’t see her pawing for me & she can’t meow so then she just gives up & walks away😭💔

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The bond between a pet and its owner is truly special. This bond becomes even more profound when the pet has special needs. A heartwarming story of a blind cat and her owner has been touching the hearts of social media users everywhere.

In a video shared on TikTok by the user thenamesamber, a tabby cat named Stevie, who was born without eyes, is seen reaching out for her owner as soon as she senses her presence. “60 seconds of my eyeless kitty getting excited when she smells me and then reaching out for my hand. She loves holding my finger in her paw. she gets distracted very easily since her main senses are hearing and smell,” the caption reads.

“Sometimes I don’t see her pawing for me & she can’t meow so then she just gives up & walks away.”

The owner shared that she found Stevie during an adoption day at her local pet store. “When I first saw Stevie, I asked if she was sleeping, but I soon learned she didn’t have eyes. She was born with absolutely no eyeball formation, just empty eye sockets. The vet suspected her mom had some sort of disease that didn’t allow her to develop fully.”


Stevie was found as a stray at around four months old and was adopted by her current owner at six months. Despite her challenges, including not being able to meow, Stevie has been living a happy life with her owner.

However, her journey hasn’t been without obstacles. Two weeks after being adopted, Stevie suffered a severe eye infection. Despite quick treatment, another infection followed shortly after. “At this point, the vet told me that in order to prevent her from suffering from an infection for the rest of her life, I would need to get her eyes sewn up.”

“$2,000 and a couple months later, she had her eyes sewn up, her stitches removed, and has been living her best and happiest life ever since.”

Cats Protection suggests that blind cats should be kept indoors, with access to a safely fenced garden or run if necessary. They should be encouraged to walk around on their own, allowing their scent glands to leave a trail of scent to keep their setting familiar. It is also good practice to talk to your cat as you approach them to avoid startling them.

Stevie’s story is a beautiful reminder of the special bond between pets and their owners, and the joy that these relationships can bring, even in the face of challenges.