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Kevin Bacon’s Miniature Goats: Anniversary Gift Turned Social Media Stars



Quick Smiles:

  • Kevin Bacon surprised his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, with two adorable miniature goats as an anniversary gift during the pandemic.
  • The couple’s pet goats, Louie and Macon, were the first of many farm animals to join their family, which now includes four goats, two pigs, three miniature horses, and three alpacas.
  • Bacon has taken to serenading his barnyard companions with songs, a hobby that was sparked by a gift from friend Jimmy Fallon.

In a bonus episode of the podcast Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon, the renowned actor shared a delightful tale about how two miniature goats became the perfect anniversary gift for his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, during the pandemic.

Bacon and Sedgwick’s pet goats, Louie and Macon, are now regular stars on Bacon’s social media accounts, but their journey began as tokens of affection.

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick and their pet goats. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

“During the pandemic, for some reason, I decided that for our anniversary, I should get Kyra some goats,” Bacon shared with his listeners. “So I went and got these miniature goats. There was two of ’em. They were super, super cute.”

Bacon continued, “I put them in a stall down in the barn; I didn’t tell her about it. I went down and said, ‘I have a surprise for you for our anniversary.’ I took her in the stall, and there were these two goats looking at her. And she loved them.”

Kevin Bacon playing guitar for his goats. KEVIN BACON/INSTAGRAM

Married since 1988, Bacon and Sedgwick, parents to 34-year-old Travis Bacon and 31-year-old Sosie Bacon, have expanded their family in a unique way.

Louie and Macon were just the beginning. Bacon’s social media now features videos of him singing to a delightful array of farm animals, including four goats, two pigs, three miniature horses, and three alpacas.

This unusual hobby, Bacon explained, was sparked by a gift from his friend Jimmy Fallon.

“Not to drop a name, but Jimmy Fallon had randomly sent me this instrument that was a three-stringed instrument. Almost like a Dobro — if anyone’s familiar with that — with a droning tone on it. I started playing it, and one day I was trying to play this thing, I’m practicing it, I think I’ll just go out and play it with the goats,” Bacon said.

The actor mused, “I’m not quite sure if I was calming down because I was playing music or if the actual music was having any sort of effect on them, or if their energy was calming me down, but the whole thing felt right.”


Bacon’s barnyard performances, featuring songs from Chicago, The Beatles, Billie Eilish, and Beyoncé, have garnered much love from his followers.


A song for our “Billie” goats who are big fans #GoatSongs @billie #WhatWasIMadeFor

♬ original sound – Kevin Bacon

“People were like, ‘We love you singing with the goats.’ Kevin and I are like, ‘Great, have you seen our movies or TV shows?’ ” Sedgwick told PEOPLE, acknowledging the couple’s newfound TikTok fame. “But it makes people happy.”

In a recent revelation, Bacon shared that he has removed goat and pig products from his diet, stating, “I love animals, they are a joy to be around, and they’re very, very calming for me.”