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Mother’s Love Sparks Daughter’s Miraculous Awakening from Coma



Quick Smiles:

  • A mother’s unwavering love and faith lead to her daughter’s miraculous awakening from a five-year coma.
  • Despite medical professionals’ doubts, Peggy Means never gave up on her daughter, Jennifer Flewellen, and continued to care for her throughout the years.
  • After five long years, Flewellen laughed at one of her mother’s jokes, marking the beginning of her incredible recovery journey.

In the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a tale of unyielding maternal love and resilience unfolds. Peggy Means, a mother who devoted half a decade to caring for her comatose daughter, Jennifer Flewellen, witnessed a miracle that defied medical expectations.

At the age of 35, Flewellen was placed into a medically induced coma following a car accident. After dropping her three sons at school, she felt light-headed and crashed her car into a pole. The medical staff at the hospital where she was placed on life support doubted her chances of recovery.

However, Means refused to accept this grim prognosis. She recalled a conversation with a respiratory nurse, saying, “I remember one respiratory nurse, she told me, ‘Well, you know, she’ll only get worse,’ and I told her, ‘Don’t you ever say that to me again, and never say it around my daughter.’ I’d say, ‘It’s very easy to be negative, but we have no room for negativity.’”

As the weeks turned into months and then years, Means’ love for her daughter remained steadfast. She tirelessly advocated for her daughter’s treatment, battled with insurance companies, and worked full time. Despite Flewellen’s unresponsiveness, Means continued to shower her with love and care, including “spa days” and daily conversations about her sons’ progress.

This routine continued for five years, even through the challenges of the pandemic. Then one sunny day, while sharing jokes with her daughter outside the hospital, Means heard something she hadn’t heard in years – Flewellen’s laughter.

“I started to wheel her up to the building,” Means said, being scared at first, “and then I thought, she’s laughing, so I stopped and got my phone out.”


This laughter was the first sign of Flewellen’s consciousness. She began responding to Means’ questions with nods and shakes of her head. This breakthrough led to immediate speech therapy and marked the beginning of Flewellen’s recovery journey.

Only 2 to 3% of people in a vegetative state for such a long period wake up. But Means, driven by love and determination, organized occupational, speech, and physical therapy for her daughter. She even arranged surgeries to alleviate the tension in Flewellen’s joints, helping her regain movement.

One doctor at a rehabilitation center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, noted that Flewellen’s case is so rare that it’s driving scientific discovery. The extent of Flewellen’s recovery remains uncertain due to the rarity of such instances. But this uncertainty doesn’t deter Means.

At age 41, Flewellen, now a grandmother, left the rehabilitation center and returned home with Means and her oldest son. The journey to recovery is still ongoing, but mother and daughter continue to move forward, inspired by a nurse practitioner’s mantra: “you have to dream it, then you have to believe it.”

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