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Bearded Goldendoodle Shows Off His New Unique Hair Style



Quick Smiles:

  • Louis, the Goldendoodle, hit the limelight on TikTok sporting his fresh, unusual look featuring a long beard.
  • TikTokers buzz with enthusiasm over Louis’ unique grooming and share hilarious comments and suggestions to enhance his look.
  • Despite unconventional grooming, emphasis on the importance of regular grooming for Goldendoodles’ health and hygiene is pointed out.

The best #goatee I’ve seen!! #goldendoodlesoftiktok

♬ La Grange (2019 Remaster) – ZZ Top

The internet world buzzed recently when a uniquely-groomed dog became an instant star. The center of attention was a Goldendoodle named Louis who, in a video with over 14 million views, flaunted his fresh new look – a goatee.

His owner, TikToker @brewer2339, shared the video of Louis, who had a newly shaved body except for one standout feature – a long, untouched beard. “My baby had to get shaved but I asked them to save the beard,” the owner disclosed in the video.

The reaction to Louis’ unique new style was unexpected and widespread.

TikTokers across the platform adored the unconventional style, sparking a range of comedic reactions. From comparisons to distinguished personalities to hints of iconic rock band appearances, Louis’ look stirred quite a laugh.


Beyond Louis’ eccentric style, a reminder was given on the importance of regular grooming for Goldendoodles, a breed with diverse coat types that range from curly to straight.

Their fluffy coats require consistent brushing and grooming to prevent matting and tangles, with daily brushing of the coat for 5-10 minutes being recommended. Grooming every 6-10 weeks is suggested to keep Goldendoodles healthy and looking their best.

A seasoned dog groomer named Daniel shared his insight, saying, “Sometimes the dog comes in too matted to do anything ‘fancy’ but I’ve always tried to leave some ‘personality’ like a cool beard or brows and a lion tail. It matters.”

The unique appearance of Louis garnered plenty of style suggestions from TikTokers, with mentions of sunglasses, bike jackets and even tattoos to complete his look.

Attempts were made to reach out to @brewer2339 via TikTok for their comments.

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