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Eighth-Grader Hero Rescues Unconscious Bus Driver



Quick Smiles:

  • An audacious eighth-grader from Wisconsin seized control of his school bus after the driver became unconscious while driving.
  • The young hero, Acie Holland III, was lauded by the local authorities and this experience has augmented his self-assurance.
  • Holland’s previous experience with vehicles, gained at his father’s garage, guided him to safely steer the bus to the side of the road.

Unassuming heroes materialize from the most unforeseen circumstances, and 14-year-old Acie Holland III indeed exemplifies this. This Wisconsin youngster has garnered massive recognition for assuming control of his school bus when its driver unfortunately lost consciousness en-route.

Holland’s valorous act of steering the bus away from potential harm won him acknowledgements from the city’s principal organizations including the mayor’s office, city council, and the fire, rescue, and police departments. Personally, the incident has invigorated a sense of self-belief in young Holland.

On a typical April morning, Holland III boarded the school bus. A routine interaction with the bus driver took place before she put in her headphones and set off.

However, it wasn’t long before Holland detected that something was wrong; the driver seemed dizzy and her head dipped. Alarmingly, the bus did not slow down and missed a customary turn in the route.

Holland explained, “She maneuvered the bus around the corner and there’s another street that we usually turn on. She pressed the gas and breezed past the corner, and I looked up.”

Responding swiftly, Holland hurried to the front and found the bus swerving perilously into the oncoming traffic and the driver unresponsive. He then took the initiative in a moment of immediate decision, moved the driver aside, took control of the wheel, and parked the bus safely at the road’s edge.


Subsequently, he calmly dialed emergency services and directed every student on board to reach out to their parents.

It was later discovered that the driver had experienced a medical emergency and required immediate assistance. At first, Holland’s father, Acie Holland II, found his son’s dramatic account of the incident hard to believe, but upon discovering the truth, he was not surprised.

Holland Sr. stated, “He’s always been quick on his feet. That’s one of my things that I know he’s capable of, not specifically on the school bus, but in general, being able to help someone in need. However, I am extremely proud of what he did.”

Notably, Holland III, being the son of a garage owner, had spent ample time around the shop which made him familiar with how vehicles work. This background furnished him with the confidence to take charge of the bus with such competence.

The school also conveyed immense pride in Holland’s exceptional qualities of leadership and compassion. These traits are witnessed daily, but the incident in April took his actions to an absolute “next level”.

Hence, the next time you narrate an inspirational tale, don’t forget to include Holland’s courageous story – you may just inspire someone to rise to the occasion when duty calls.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Donald Titus

    May 18, 2024 at 6:18 pm

    Wonderful! Some local organization or business should offer that young man a full-ride scholarship to the university of his choice!

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