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Bulldog’s Daycare Expulsion Leads to Internet Stardom



Quick Smiles:

  • Eggnog, an English Bulldog, becomes a sensation after being expelled from doggy daycare.
  • Eggnog’s dismissal from daycare was due to her ‘disruptive’ behavior, including headbutting other dogs and peeing in their water bowls.
  • The video of Eggnog snoozing in her owner’s car post-expulsion has received over 700,200 views and 40,900 likes on TikTok, making her an overnight internet sensation.

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Eggnog, a delightful English Bulldog, is stirring up laughs on social media. Her rise to fame? Getting expelled from doggy daycare. With a calm demeanor in stark contrast to her earlier antics, Eggnog can be seen in a video, napping nonchalantly in her owner’s car, unperturbed about her banishment.

The interesting chronicle was first shared on TikTok by @eggnogthebulldog. A caption in the video elaborates on the situation: “My dog after being kicked out of daycare for headbutting six dogs and peeing in their water bowls.”

Jennifer, Eggnog’s owner, hails from New York. She revealed that the bulldog was just four months old when the situation unfolded. Jennifer had hoped that a stint at the doggy daycare would help little Eggnog socialize and make some local friends. However, things didn’t go as planned.

“Just two hours after I left her at the daycare, I was summoned to come pick her up,” Jennifer explained. “I was ‘encouraged’ to get her training and to not return.”


The American Kennel Club (AKC) highlights the importance of training and socialization for puppies from a very young age. This preparatory phase involves relationship building, structure, and ensuring the puppy feels secure.

They suggest that by the age of 16 weeks, a puppy should be familiarized with their surroundings, encompassing elements like traffic sounds, public transportation, car rides, different people, other dogs, and even routine activities like vet visits. This period is also crucial for teaching basic impulse control, usually starting with simple commands such as “sit down.”

By the six month mark, according to the AKC, puppies should have understood the concept of polite play and the basics of housetraining, including designated spots for potty. In the course of a year, they should ideally have a grip on basic commands such as “sit, down, stay (even with distractions), come when called (especially when off-leash), loose-leash walking, drop it and leave it.”

“Bulldogs are bulldozers! They are thick-headed, stubborn, and determined, but they are also super lovable, super sweet, and often just misunderstood,” Jennifer shared her insight about Eggnog’s breed character.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eliot Schickler

    June 17, 2024 at 2:10 am

    Eggnog probably mistook the other dogs’ bowls as a toilet!

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