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Darcey the Horse’s Heroic Rescue Mission Goes Viral



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  • A UK farm owner discovers her horses are missing, sparking a moment of distress.
  • One of the horses, Darcey, runs to her owner seeking help for her brother, Grebe, who got tangled in a tree.
  • The heartening event goes viral on TikTok, collecting over a million views and a noteworthy amount of likes.

I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I saw her running towards me this morning. #horse #equestrian #equine #horseriding #horsetok #gopro #countryside #fyp #pony #funny

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An interesting tale unfolded when a UK farm owner woke up one morning to find her beloved horses mysteriously missing. This distressing discovery led her to fear that the horses might have been stolen or had somehow escaped their enclosure.

However, in a quite extraordinary turn of events, one of the horses named Darcey approached her owner in a clear state of distress, signaling that she needed help in rescuing her brother, Grebe. A TikTok post shared under the username @endurancewithdarcey reveals that Grebe had managed to get himself trapped while trying to relieve an itch on his stomach, pulling a tree down in the process which led to the branches and trunk getting entangled in his rug straps.

“Darcey is so emotionally intelligent; she knew to stay with him, running to me for help when she heard me calling for them,” the horse owner shared in the post.

The owner, who wished to remain unnamed, shared that Grebe is prone to “sweet itch,” an allergy to fly bites, which is common during early spring in the UK. To combat this, Grebe has to wear protective coverings. As identified by the British Horse Society, sweet itch is triggered by the protein in the saliva of biting insects, which can instigate severe reactions in horses. A specific type of rug, covering the bite-susceptible areas, is typically utilized as a protective measure.


“I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I saw her running toward me this morning,” read a caption shared with the post.


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