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Video: Yorkshire Terrier Rocks Incredible Mullet Hairstyle



Quick Smiles:

  • The internet is enamored with Biggie, a Yorkshire Terrier mix with a standout mullet hairstyle, crafted by his owner, Jeff Cole.
  • Biggie’s debut haircut video on TikTok has amassed an impressive 7.2 million views and nearly half a million likes.
  • Cole views Biggie, a rescue from a kill shelter in Texas, as a potent advocate for adopting pets rather than shopping for them.

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♬ With great cuteness comes no responsibility – Purrcival

We can all concur that a bit of cuteness goes a long way in brightening our day. One petite Yorkshire Terrier, known as Biggie, has upheld that belief, becoming a sensation on social media due to his unique mullet haircut.

At five years old and brimming with charm, Biggie was rescued from a kill shelter in 2021. His owner, Jeff Cole, revealed Biggie’s distinctive look on social media, warming countless hearts while avoiding any worn-out cliches.

Cole used his TikTok account @thevoicevendor on March 1 to display Biggie’s incredible style. He playfully asked, “Who just got a haircut? Who just got a fresh new mullet?!”

In high spirits, Cole lifted the young pup into the air, exclaiming, “Is it Biggie boy? Yay!”


Biggie’s new look was revealed soon after, showcasing a neatly trimmed coat with the traditional straight strands at the back – the perfect mullet.

The video’s response was fantastic. Since being posted, the clip has received 7.2 million views and nearly half a million likes.

The comments section was filled with amusing remarks about Biggie’s hairstyle. One user comically commented, “Business in the front, PAWTY in the back”, while another humorously questioned, “What in the Tiger King is that?”

The voice actor and podcast producer, Cole, 42, originally created the viral video for his wife, Melissa. He discussed how a simple visit to the groomers transformed Biggie into a star.

Biggie has flaunted his signature haircut for around two years. Cole admitted, “I used to have the same cut and Biggie thought we should match. We were twins for a while and people loved it!”

Biggie’s fame spreads beyond the digital realm of social media. According to Cole, “people lose it when they see him, he’s a star everywhere we go.”


Cole praises his canine companion for being “super vocal, possessing an amazing personality, and being way smarter than his dad.”

While Biggie’s sudden popularity surprised Cole, Biggie himself seems to be thoroughly enjoying the attention. “Seeing so much positivity from people everywhere is the best part!” Cole stated.

Living in Canada, Cole adopted Biggie and his sister Mira from a kill shelter in Texas. These furry friends have now become cherished family pets, safe from the tragic fate many shelter animals face.

Cole strongly advocates for prospective pet owners to consider shelters and rescue organizations rather than buying. “There are so many incredible abandoned animals who deserve a loving home,” he expressed, “Biggie is an excellent advocate for adopting over shopping.”

Therefore, remember to share your own pet’s adorable moments. They too may serve as ambassadors, tugging at the world’s virtual heartstrings while promoting the welfare of all pets.


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