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Alabama Woman Defies 70-Million-to-1 Odds, Delivers Twin Quadruplets



Quick Smiles:

  • An Alabama woman overcomes 70-million-to-1 odds by delivering quadruplets comprised of two sets of identical twins.
  • Soon-to-be parents Hannah and Michael Carmack were perplexed when their sonogram revealed quadruplets.
  • The four beautiful children, Evelyn, David, Daniel, and Adeline, arrived home safely, and today they are all thriving.

An extraordinary event unfolded when an Alabama woman gave birth to quadruplets, who incredibly made up two sets of identical twins. The staggering odds for such a miracle? An unbelievable 70-million-to-1!

Hannah Carmack, with her supportive husband Michael, embarked on a year and a half journey filled with anticipation, excitement, and miraculous events. The sonogram revelation that they were expecting quadruplets thoroughly startled them.

The fascinating combination of these two pairs of identical twins skyrockets the odds to the dramatic 70-million-to-1 mark.

At 27 weeks pregnant during March of the previous year, Hannah delivered Evelyn (2-lbs 11oz), David (2 lbs 4oz), Daniel (2 lbs 4oz), and Adeline (1lb 10oz) via a planned c-section.

Fast-forward 96 days, and all the little miracles had made their way home to Gadsden, where they are now flourishing brilliantly, according to their parents.

“It was chaotic when we brought them home for the first time,” reflected Hannah, a 29-year-old veterinary technician. She deeply appreciated the two-and-a-half months of support received from her stepmother during their transition to their new normal.


“They all slept and ate at the same time. They thrived off each other: if one would scream, the other one would scream.

“The first time I saw them all home together I cried, I couldn’t believe it. They were a miracle.”

Intriguingly, Hannah and Michael weren’t actively trying to conceive. Therefore, the news of their unexpected parenthood came as an unequivocal surprise. The revelation of expecting quadruplets sent Hannah into a “panic attack”.

“I noticed two placentas on the screen and asked if they were twins. My husband put his hands on his head and started laughing while I was crying.”

Michael’s laughter along with Hannah’s tears adequately symbolize the whirlwind of emotions such a stunning reveal incites.

From the outset, Hannah was warned that reaching 30 weeks would be miraculous. At her 27th week, she was admitted to the University of Alabama Hospital for meticulous observation.


The doctors eventually shared the encouraging news that the babies were “doing good” despite requiring intubation.

Now, the children are doing wonderfully. Whether they’re attempting to walk, crawl, or eat table food, these little Carmacks are winning hearts. Remarkably, the Carmacks share their thrilling and unpredictable life with quadruplets on Youtube and TikTok at @carmackquads.

“Their personalities are very different: David is mysterious; Evelyn is adventurous; Adeline is introverted; and Daniel is consistently active.”

Today, we celebrate this life story that defied astronomical odds and serves as a potent reminder that miracles do indeed occur.


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