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Resourceful Corgi Masters Sign Language



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  • Meet Eowyn, a resourceful corgi who has mastered the art of American Sign Language (ASL), captivating over 28 million viewers on TikTok.
  • Surprisingly, the intelligent dog picked up ASL when her deaf owner, Emily, moved in, understanding signs for her favorite words like breakfast, dinner, ball and cookie.
  • Owner Derek Cassese shares the joy and challenges of having a pet that’s too smart for its own good, as Eowyn even reacts to certain words they have to spell out now.

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Eowyn, a spirited Corgi, has won internet fame thanks to her impressive understanding of American Sign Language (ASL). A short clip shared by her owner Dereck Cassese (@thesigningd on TikTok) showcasing Eowyn’s ASL skills has received an astounding 28 million views since its release on June 25.

Derek initially trained Eowyn through hand signals, but when his future wife Emily came into the picture, Eowyn quickly adapted to understand ASL.

“During her first visit, Eowyn picked up that Emily was deaf almost immediately,” Cassese revealed. Eowyn would alert Emily by banging on the side of the bed instead of barking, a behavior she continues today. After Emily moved in and the couple started using ASL full-time, Eowyn began assimilating the language.

Eowyn shows an uncanny knack for understanding signs for her favorite words, like breakfast, dinner, ball, and cookie. She excitedly barks in anticipation when she sees a familiar sign. This ability, while impressive, also presents challenges, as the couple now have to be careful not to slip a word Eowyn knows into their conversation.


One viral TikTok video captures Eowyn’s lively reaction to the signed word “ball,” eliciting a burst of excitement that sends her rushing towards the door, ready to play. However, not all words resonate positively with her.

“She somehow learned ‘fail’ and she’ll become grumpy whenever she notices them using it in a conversation,” Cassese said. He recounted an amusing occasion during their wedding vows when Eowyn voiced her opinion at the mention of the word “fail”.

Despite her linguistic abilities, Eowyn still reacts like a typical dog to the word “bath”, darting away in fear at its mention.

To keep their conversations private, the couple began spelling out words. However, this too proved futile, as Cassese noted. “Eowyn’s sharp-as-a-tack mind has started to understand the spelling,” he said.


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1 Comment

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