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Brave Kindergartener Dedicates Graduation Speech to Late Mother



Quick Smiles:

  • Little Jaxon Carter delivers a touching speech during his Kindergarten graduation, moving the audience to tears.
  • Despite losing his mother, Taryn Marie Gainey, in a tragic incident, Jaxon braved the challenges and emerged as a stronger and grateful individual.
  • With heartfelt sincerity, Jaxon dedicated his success, including his victory in the spelling bee, to his late mother.

A heartwarming kindergarten graduation ceremony left the audience teary-eyed as six-year-old Jaxon Carter spoke words that stirred the heart. The little boy’s extraordinary journey of resilience and determination was revealed as he dedicated his impressive academic achievements to his late mother.

Jaxon’s life tragically changed when his mother, Taryn Marie Gainey, died in a dreadful apartment fire in 2022. Though this dark incident cast a shadow, Jaxon accepted his new reality. Only two months following the tragic event, he embraced a new life in a STEM-focused public kindergarten.

Jaxon shared that “Everything was new—life had taken a strange turn, the school was new, there were new faces, new rules, and new concepts to take on.”

Despite these odds, Jaxon did not falter. As his time at New Dawn Academy came to an end, he was chosen to deliver a speech at the Kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Justin Carter, Jaxon’s father, revealed that his son worked diligently on his speech. With his grandmother’s assistance, his short address morphed into a powerful farewell speech.

Jaxon began his speech, saying, “When I started kindergarten at New Dawn Academy in August 2022, I was a little 5-year-old who had lost my beautiful mother a month before.”

His resilience resonated as he continued, “I learned to play with other kids, read books, ask questions like how or why, use correct grammar, and use my school tablet. My kindergarten year helped me grow braver, smarter, kind-hearted, and more grateful.”


He expressed profound gratitude towards his father, his teacher, and his grandparents for their unwavering support during his journey.

In an emotional tribute, Jaxon proclaimed, “I dedicate my speech, good grades, all school awards, and my Kindergarten graduation to my beautiful mommy, who I will always love and miss so very much. I know she will always be with me in my heart.”

Jaxon’s heartfelt dedication was met with fervent applause, reflecting the audience’s admiration for his courage and resolve. His speech left a lasting impression on everyone present, reminding them of his strength and enduring love for his mother.


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