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Rescued Kitten Turns Out to Be Adorably Fierce Bobkitten [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • The Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center was surprised when a seemingly ordinary kitten turned out to be a rare bobkitten.
  • Despite her tough start, the bobkitten showed rapid improvement and a zestful, wild nature, which are good signs for her future return to the wild.
  • The ultimate goal is to complete her rehabilitation and reintroduce her back into her original habitat, as close to her rescue location as possible.

Prepare for a wild twist in your average cat tale! Earlier this month, a seemingly orphaned kitten found near Mazomanie, Wisconsin, was brought into the Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center (DCHS).

But as the shelter staff soon discovered, this was no ordinary housecat – this was an incredibly rare bobkitten!

Dane County Humane Society

When the wildlife center staff first laid eyes on the little one, they were taken aback. Although they’d seen adult bobcats in the past, a bobkitten was an entirely new encounter for them.

The kitten was given all the necessary care, including fluids, food, and plenty of rest, and she began to show rapid improvement over just three days.


DCHS expressed their delight and optimism in a press release, describing the feisty newcomer: “She’s angry and vocal, hisses and swats whenever anyone comes near her cage, and can be heard munching on food after the evening feeding.”

Apparently, this spirited demeanor is precisely what the rescuers hoped for, as it indicates a healthy, wild bobkitten.

The adorable little spitfire’s journey doesn’t end at the DCHS.

She will soon be transferred to a different wildlife center where she can grow up alongside other orphaned bobcats.

When she’s old enough, she’ll return to DCHS, where experts will oversee her release back into the wild.

“The goal is to complete her rehabilitation and get her back home as close as possible to her original rescue location,” said Jackie Sandberg, Wildlife Program Manager at DCHS’s Wildlife Center.


Her words bring a sense of hope for this fierce, wild girl, and we’re all rooting for her as she embarks on her journey back to the wild!