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Compassionate Police Officer Surprises Boy with PlayStation [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • In Hapeville, Georgia, a young man offering yard work services to save up for a PlayStation 5 had the police called on him by a suspicious neighbor.
  • Officer Colleran, dispatched to the scene, was touched by the young man’s ambition and arranged for his colleagues to pool funds and purchase a PS5 for him.
  • Turning a potential conflict into a moment of connection, Officer Colleran ensured the young man could immediately enjoy his new console and even set up future online gaming sessions together.

In an unexpected twist of events in Hapeville, Georgia, a young man’s encounter with the police turned out to be a moment he will always cherish.

The young man had been going door-to-door offering his services for yard work with the aim of saving money to buy a PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, his efforts were met with suspicion by one neighbor who promptly called the police to have him removed.

Enter Officer Colleran of the City of Hapeville Police Department, who was dispatched to investigate the situation.

The young man’s polite and truthful demeanor quickly won Colleran over. The officer was particularly impressed with the young man’s industriousness, as he himself was an avid gamer.

Facebook/City of Hapeville Police

In a heartwarming gesture, Officer Colleran and his colleagues at the department collectively chipped in to purchase a PlayStation 5 for the young man.

They managed to raise between $400 and $500, even securing a gift card for a membership so the young man could start gaming immediately.

Delivering the gaming console from the trunk of his squad car, Officer Colleran gave the young man a pleasant surprise he would never forget.


But the kindness didn’t end there – before parting ways, Officer Colleran made sure the young man had his PlayStation network details so they could enjoy online gaming together.

This story is an inspiring display of community connection and empathy, showcasing how a potentially negative situation can transform into an unforgettable gesture of goodwill.

Here’s the official statement from the City of Hapeville Police as posted to their Facebook page:

“Officer Colleran was dispatched to a call wanting a juvenile removed from the area.


Officer Colleran made contact with a young man that explained he was in the area because he wanted to do yard work: pulling weeds, cutting grass and trimming hedges to save up for a PlayStation.

The young man was polite, respectful and truthful.

Officer Colleran, a gamer himself, was impressed with the young man and thought he would help him reach his goal.

Officer Colleran and some of his friends were able to not only get this young man the video game system but a gift card to pay for the membership so he could play immediately.

Officer Colleran made sure that this young man knew they would play on the same team online soon!”