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Happy Tears

Rescue Dog Fetches Baby’s Name



Quick Smiles:

  • A couple expecting their first child let their rescue dog, Ranger, choose the baby’s name.
  • Unable to decide between ‘Riggs’ and ‘Wade’, they wrote the names on tennis balls and let Ranger fetch his choice.
  • The video of Ranger’s decision has garnered over 3.8 million views on TikTok, and the couple is thrilled with his choice: Riggs.

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Jessica Ann Caraway and her husband, Spencer, from West Michigan, found themselves in a delightful predicament. They were expecting a baby boy but couldn’t settle on a name. The couple was torn between ‘Riggs’ and ‘Wade’, but couldn’t make a final decision.

“So we let Ranger be the final decision-maker,” Jessica shared.

Choosing a baby’s name is a deeply personal process, as Natalie Costa, a parent and children’s coach, and founder of Power Thoughts, explained. “Choosing baby names is a very personal thing,” she said.

“Some parents may want to consult others, and some would prefer to keep it to themselves,” Costa continued. “I don’t think there is a blanket rule for this, and the decision should be what feels right for the couple.”


For Jessica and Spencer, the right decision was to involve their rescue dog, Ranger, who had been a cherished part of their family for about five years. “Ever since Ranger has been with us, he has been a loving part of our family,” Jessica said.

“When we couldn’t decide between two baby boy names, we thought: Who would be better to help us than Ranger?”

The couple came up with a unique method for Ranger to make his choice. “Ranger loves to play ball and fetch, so we decided to write the two names on the tennis balls, give them a throw into the woods and have him decide for us,” Jessica explained.

The moment Ranger made his choice was captured on video and shared on TikTok under the handle jessanncaraway. The clip quickly went viral, amassing over 3.8 million views from people eager to see which name Ranger would choose.

The lucky name turned out to be ‘Riggs’, much to the couple’s joy. “We are extremely happy with the name,” Jessica said. “As soon as our baby boy was born, the name Riggs fit him perfectly.”

Jessica also shared that Riggs and Ranger are already forming a strong bond. And Ranger’s decision-making skills might be called upon again in the future.


“We have also debated on how often we can allow Ranger to help us with tough baby questions,” Jessica joked. “Like should he get a second bowl of ice cream, can he stay up later on a weekend, can he get a raise with his allowance.”

Jessica believes the video’s popularity is due to its wholesome nature and the universal love for dogs. “It’s just a young couple who love each other and are happy to be building a family,” she said.

She encourages other expectant parents with pets to consider a similar approach. “You won’t regret it,” she said. “And make sure your dog only brings back one ball. Otherwise, it might be a sign you’re expecting twins. Also, keep the winning ball as a memory to show your kid one day.”