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Sharing A Bed Can Be Challenging: Man’s Pug-Filled Mornings



Quick Smiles:

  • Aaron Carty, a pug lover from London, shares his king-size bed with eight rescue pugs, making peaceful sleep a rarity.
  • Carty’s morning routine involves being woken up by Gizmo, a pink pug rescued at seven weeks old with two heart conditions, who then proceeds to wake up the rest of the pug gang.

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Sharing a bed with a dog can be a challenge, but imagine sharing it with eight! Aaron Carty, a 38-year-old pug enthusiast from London, England, knows this struggle all too well. He’s the proud owner of eight rescue pugs, and they all squeeze into his king-size bed at night.

Despite the lack of space and peace, Carty wouldn’t have it any other way. He said, “We’re very happy to have them wake us up nice and early, especially Gizmo, our pink pug who we rescued with two heart conditions who would have been put down if we didn’t rescue him at 7 weeks old.”

Gizmo, the early riser of the pack, has a special routine. “Every morning, without fail, Gizmo is the first to let us know it’s time to get up. He’ll jump on my chest and wait for me to wake up. Once I give him the go-ahead, he’ll jump around the bed and get the rest of the pugs up,” Carty shared.

The pug family also includes Gaston and Bruce, who prefer to stay under the covers a bit longer. “We have Gaston and Bruce, who are older, and they hide under the covers because they don’t like getting up early,” Carty said.


Carty’s pug-filled life may not be for everyone, but he loves it. He even joked about expanding his pug family, saying, “I’d never say no to getting more,” but he may need a bigger bed first. “I’m waiting to buy my pug mansion,” he joked.

Carty admits that sharing a bed with eight dogs isn’t easy, but he’s so accustomed to it now that he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep without Gizmo by his knees.

Carty said, “It’s so nice to have other people say that we’re living their dream with eight pugs, and people often thank us for sharing our pugs with them. Especially people who can’t have dogs. If we don’t post a daily video of Gizmo, we get messages from people asking where he is.”

Carty is a firm believer in the companionship of pugs. “We love pugs, they’re always seen as an underdog among other breeds because of their breathing problems, but they’re the best companions. If you look after them right, you’ll have a best friend forever,” he said.