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Cockapoo’s Joyful Dance for Mom Wins Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • Buddy, a cockapoo, warms hearts all over the internet with his lively dance at the sight of his mom.
  • The heartwarming TikTok video shared by a pet groomer (@rockpupperscissors) has garnered 2.9 million views and over 211,000 likes.
  • Dog experts agree that such high-spirited greetings are clearly indicative of a dog’s affection for its owners.

Buddy had to do that whole body wiggle when mom came to pick him up! He’s got the moves 💃🏼#doggroomer #dogsoftiktok #doyourdance #rockpupperscissors #fyp #doggrooming

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It’s no secret that dogs have a unique ability to shower their owners with unadulterated affection. One such heartwarming example comes from an exuberant cockapoo named Buddy, who couldn’t contain his joy upon seeing his owner after a grooming session.

The pet groomer, who goes by the username @rockpupperscissors, captured this delightful moment and shared it on TikTok. The video showcases Buddy’s sheer happiness, his whole body wiggling with delight as he spots his beloved human through the glass window.

“Buddy had to do that whole body wiggle when mom came to pick him up! He’s got the moves,” the caption accompanying the TikTok video reads. This funny yet endearing post has amassed over 211,000 likes and an impressive 2.9 million views.

Although the length of Buddy’s grooming session isn’t specified, they could typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. Regardless, Buddy’s animated reaction clearly shows just how much he missed his human.


Nick Horniman, a veterinary surgeon and the founder of an online pet pharmacy, has previously stated: “Happy excited greetings are a dead giveaway. A dog that greets you enthusiastically when you come home, with a wagging tail, excited barking and jumping, is clearly showing their joy at your return. This behavior indicates that they’ve missed you and are glad to see you again.”

Dr. Sam Meisler, a veterinarian and CEO of PetWellClinic, agrees with this sentiment, adding, “If your dog is excited to see you, stays by your side when you’re home, and shows affectionate behavior toward you, such as leaning against you or seeking your attention, you hold a special place in their heart!”

So, if your canine friend hasn’t wiggled with glee like Buddy, remember, strengthening your bond is always feasible.


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