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London Dachshund’s Hilarious Guard Duty From Bed



Quick Smiles:

  • A dog owner from London has internet users laughing at a clip of her long-haired dachshund ‘remote guarding’ his home.
  • The video of this small dog warning potential intruders from his warm bed blankets has gone viral on TikTok.
  • A shared caption humorously summarizes it: “Being a guard dog doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed. Staying safe and comfy.”

staying safe and comfy😚 #miniaturedachshund #puppy #wienerdog #sausagedog #slay

♬ original sound – chorizo 😚

When we think of a guard dog, images of a large Doberman fiercely protecting their home from strangers often come to mind. However, this tale of an alert dog involves a clever canine who’s smoothly adjusted to remote working.

A dog lover from London has indeed left internet users laughing after posting a video of her unique guard dog vigilantly protecting his home – without even leaving his comfy bed.

In a TikTok post by user chorizotheminidachshund, the tiny watchman can be heard barking loudly and ominously to ward off potential intruders, all while cozily tucked under his bed blankets.

A caption included in the funny clip light-heartedly states: “Being a guard dog doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed,” followed by a further charming note: “Staying safe and comfy.”


Despite their small size, Dachshunds can make for excellent companions, lapdogs, family dogs, and yes, even diligent watchdogs.

There are essentially two categories of dachshund: the standard size and the miniaturized version. Regardless of the type, traits such as vibrancy, cleverness, and playfulness are common to both, though they can admittedly be a little stubborn.

According to an unnamed pet-focused site, these adorable dogs are at risk of obesity and therefore require regular exercise. This ideally includes a couple of ten-minute walks daily, complemented by some additional home playtime.


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