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Tiger King Refugees Jem and Zoe Thrive in California Sanctuary



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  • The once malnourished Bengal tigers, Jem and Zoe, previously part of the notorious ‘Tiger King’ menagerie, are now thriving at Lions, Tigers, and Bears Animal Sanctuary in Alpine, CA.
  • After a three-year rehabilitation effort by the sanctuary, they’ve recovered from severe malnutrition and past trauma, and now live a healthy and happy life.
  • Visitors can meet Jem and Zoe by booking visitation reservations at Lions, Tigers, and Bears Animal Sanctuary, supporting crucial ongoing rescue operations.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Animal Sanctuary, San Diego’s extraordinary haven for wildlife, recently celebrated the incredible progress of two resilient Tigers, Jem and Zoe. These big cats are among the 69 that were rescued from the notorious ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s collection and are now flourishing in their new California home.

The sanctuary played a vital role in this incredible rescue mission. Revitalizing the pair of Bengal tigers took three hard years, helping them regain a healthy weight and reignite their wild instincts. But the evident happiness and energy in Jem and Zoe today showcase that the dedication and effort have indeed paid off.

“Their condition was dire, marked by severe malnutrition, emaciation, dull skin, and other issues,” LTB commented. “Long-term abuse led to the development of uncharacteristic behavior in them, such as refusing to eat for days on end.”

After three tireless years, the determination has resulted in a joyful outcome. The tigers are finally “living their best lives in their forever home.”

The notorious world of US tiger trade came into the public eye through a popular docu-series in 2021. It focused on Joe Exotic’s private collection of big cats and the legal troubles which sparked his feud with Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue.

Joe Exotic is now serving a 21-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit murder. His Tiger King Park in Oklahoma was shut down due to continuous violations of the Endangered Species Act.

This led to a nationwide effort to move his 69 captive tigers to safe havens. Lions, Tigers, and Bears Animal Sanctuary stepped up to provide a new home for Jem and Zoe.


Individuals can meet these inspiring big cats by scheduling a visit at the Lions, Tigers, and Bears Sanctuary. It’s important to note that the sanctuary relies heavily on visitor support and donations to continue carrying out these essential rescue missions.

Additionally, the sanctuary houses lions, bobcats, leopards, and other assortments of large animals beyond the Panthera species.


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