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Energetic Dog Outplayed by Kids at Baby Shower: Mum Expresses Thanks



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  • A soon-to-be mom expresses gratitude to the children who kept her energetic dog engaged throughout her baby shower, leaving the pup exhausted and unable to move.
  • A popular TikTok video captures her Australian shepherd, Indie, motionless on the couch after an eight-hour play marathon.
  • The playful interaction between Indie and the children allowed the adults at the baby shower to relax and have fun.

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An endearing message from an expecting mother thanking a group of children for engaging with her dog during her baby shower has caught the attention of many online. These kids worked tirelessly at keeping her usually hyperactive dog entertained, leaving poor Indie incapacitated for a few days.

The couple is expecting their first child and had hosted the baby shower. Unexpectedly, the extensive playtime resulted in Indie being so exhausted that she could barely move for days following the event. The energetic pet certainly had her paws full with the children present at the party.

Beatriz Torres, the mother-to-be, shared, “They played with her, she chased them, and when a few got tired, others stepped in. Indie was constantly playing for eight hours. Typically, she recovers in a day but this time, she needed four days which gave us a nice break”.

Torres shared her gratitude on her TikTok account, @berrizfam, where she posted a video of Indie, almost unconscious on the couch. Overlaying the footage, she thanked the children for keeping Indie entertained throughout the baby shower.


This video, in which Indie is so exhausted that she doesn’t stir when Torres lifts her paw, has received more than 2.7 million views since it was posted on April 30. Torres humorously captioned the clip, “It takes a village to tire her out!”

The couple adopted Indie when she was just eight months old after Torres’s husband expressed a desire to have a “big dog”. Torres had cautioned that bigger dogs usually have more energy, and Indie has indeed lived up to this, consistently displaying a high-energy “puppy personality”.

During the baby shower, Indie’s playfulness was on full display, which Torres humorously alluded to on the invitations, warning attendees, “Bring your kid at your own risk”. She added, “Little did I know; Indie was going to meet her match that day!”

The baby shower differed from previous playdates with a significant increase in the number of children present. Indie’s energetic interactions with the children had not only allowed the adults to relax but also left Torres eagerly anticipating when Indie can meet her own “little human”.

In addition to the fun, having pets can have numerous benefits for children. Pet food company Purina mentions advantages such as “constant companionship,” “a more active lifestyle,” and “learning responsibility”. Moreover, kids with dogs reportedly get an extra 11 minutes of exercise daily compared to those without dogs.

Despite Indie’s overwhelming exhaustion highlighted in the viral video, she is known for her active lifestyle on Torres’s TikTok account. One user commented that the usually dynamic Indie appeared “HUMBLED”. Other users assured that Indie would bounce back with even more energy after her rest.



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