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Artist’s Spider Scare Sparks Laughter Storm



Quick Smiles:

  • An eight-legged surprise foists itself upon a French artist thumbing through her sketchbook
  • Despite her arachnophobia, Marie’s shocking encounter goes viral on TikTok
  • Marie’s friends and followers derive immense laughter from her unexpected encounter

A spine-chilling incident hailing from France has spotlighted a woman’s distressing face-off with a spider. A hair-raising story for the approximately 3.5 to 11.4 percent of the world’s population known to suffer from arachnophobia, as noted in a 2022 study on Scientific Data.


je voulais juste faire mon play-back tranquille moi 😭 #spider #spiderman

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However, a comforting fact is that less than 0.5 percent of spiders pose any significant harm to humans, per a 2017 research article in the journal Toxicon.

It’s fair to say that logic often takes a backseat when confronting our fears. This holds particularly true for our main character, Marie, a resident of Savoie, in France. Marie has harbored a fear of spiders for as far back as she can recollect. Puzzlingly, she admits, “I don’t know when it started.”

Memorably, her fear was put front and center while she was recording a light-hearted video for her private Instagram story, intended just for her friends.

A shift in plans occurred when Marie, an aspiring artist, resolved to peruse her sketchbook while at her mother’s home. As she was readying herself to draw, an unexpected guest lurked in the shadows.


“I just wanted to draw so I took my drawing pouch and opened it,” Marie narrated. “Then the spider appeared and scared me.” The insect, which introduced itself by shooting from the spine of her sketchbook, inflated her phobia, evidencing that “scared” was putting it mildly.

Watching the spider skitter across her hand and disappear would make even the most valiant heart echo her response, “I was screaming a lot.”

When inquired if she identified the surprise intruder, the frightened artist responded, “That was not my priority. It was just a huge black spider.”

The unexpected encounter held Marie back from embracing her artistic spirit for the following few days. “I left my wallet two days before taking it back.” She decided to tread carefully and asked her father to examine her pouch to avoid a repeat.

Fortunately, the story ended positively as the spider had left, and Marie managed to laugh about the whole ordeal. Her friends were reduced to fits of laughter at the sight of the video, prompting her to post it online.

Whether one concurs or differs, it’s clear that Marie’s video will make you think twice before flipping through any book, just in case.



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