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Happy Tears

An Inspiring Runt Tale of Inter-species Bonding



Quick Smiles:

  • A puppy and kitten, known as Possum and Kangaroo who were both runts, find solace in their newfound camaraderie.
  • Animal foster caregiver, Emilie Rackovan, documents their comforting and loving moments together, a poignant testament to their mutual resilience.
  • Their encouraging journey, from being the smallest in their litters to finding friendship in each other, brings a beacon of hope in their quest for adoption.

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Today’s heroes are the unlikely duo, Possum and Kangaroo. Both the smallest of their litters, this puppy and kitten have developed a deep bond in each other’s company.

Statistics from Petfinder, an online animal adoption platform, indicate that 95 percent of puppies and 81.9 percent of kittens are eventually adopted. Despite this optimistic outlook, Possum and Kangaroo face distinctive challenges as the runts of their respective groups.

Milwaukee-based foster caregiver, Emilie Rackovan, describes their predicament: “Possum was from a litter of eight puppies… She was about a third of the size of the others and very skinny, so I took her in as a bottle baby.”

She continues, “Kangaroo is from a litter of seven kittens… Mom gave birth to them in a stray cat colony caretaker’s garage, not an ideal place to raise babies! I trapped mom and took her and the kittens for fostering.”


Caring for the smallest of the litter is a tough job. Rackovan observes, “The runts often have especially weak immune systems and are most likely to have a congenital defect… They require vigilant attention and, often, extra care.”

Presently working with Best Friends Animal Society and possessing extensive experience in animal welfare, Rackovan shares her delightful foster experiences on TikTok under “emiliexfosters.”

On this platform, she documented the heartwarming bond between Possum and Kangaroo, who, having been “rejected by their moms,” found comfort in each other’s companionship.

“Neither wanted to be alone and they would cry, so I tried putting them together… They immediately became inseparable,” she shares.

Rackovan further explained that young animals like Possum and Kangaroo “seek comfort and warmth in each other, leading to interspecies friendships.”

This bond has not only helped them grow stronger but also improved their health conditions.


“Both of their health have improved and they were able to be reunited with their moms and siblings,” Rackovan happily shared.

While hoping for a future where Possum and Kangaroo find loving homes, Rackovan also wishes their story would inspire others. She aims to demonstrate to her TikTok audience “how amazing animals are” through their journey.


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