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Engaging Video Saves Pocky the Cat from Salt Lamp Hazard



Quick Smiles:

  • An engaging video of Pocky the cat licking a Himalayan salt lamp has received over 811,000 views on TikTok.
  • Pocky’s owner, JJ, was warned by TikTok users that excessive licking of the salt lamp could harm Pocky.
  • Following this advice, Pocky was immediately taken to the vet, averting possible injury and eliciting a grateful response from JJ.

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The virtual realm has proven to be a hero in the most surprising of ways. A viral TikTok video featuring an adorable cat named Pocky turned into a critical learning moment.

Pocky was enthusiastically licking a Himalayan salt lamp in the video. The salt lamp is not just a common light fixture, but a decorative piece made from pink salt crystals with a bulb tucked within.

This captivating clip was initially shared in April 2022, gathering a staggering 5.4 million views. Pocky’s owner, JJ, based in Washington State, decided to reshare the memorable video again. The catch was, the surge in popularity wasn’t what especially piqued JJ’s interest.

“We didn’t immediately worry until we saw the TikTok comments,” JJ stated.


The comments raised concerns for Pocky’s wellbeing. A discerning user warned, “Don’t let him! They will poison themselves licking it too much!”

JJ was oblivious to the fact that this stylish household accessory could pose a considerable threat to the health of her two-year-old cat. Due to insights from the broader social community, she realized the potential danger.

“We swiftly brought Pocky to the vet where they conducted some blood tests and found nothing out of the ordinary, and no signs of salt overdose problems such as kidney failure,” JJ disclosed.

It appears Pocky had a lucky near-miss. Consuming salt can result in grave repercussions for pets, potentially even being fatal, warns Dr. Anna Foreman, a veterinarian with Everypaw Pet Insurance.

“Salt can dangerously increase sodium levels in an animal’s blood. Salt toxicosis can cause seizures and gastrointestinal symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea,” the UK-based vet explained.

She elaborated, “Treatment involves rehydration, as the excessive salt levels in the blood lead to water being withdrawn from bodily tissues, causing severe dehydration. Many animals require days of hospitalization after salt ingestion.”


Reflecting on the incident, JJ expressed her gratitude to the TikTok community, tagging her post with, “#onthisday y’all literally saved my cat’s life. Thank you for looking out for #cats all over the world.”

The video revealed the cause of the worn-out salt lamp. “Pocky keeps licking it as a sea salt popsicle. That’s probably why our cat has been drinking so much water from his fountain lately,” the overlay text explained.

TikTok users chimed in, one pointed out, “I think salt lamps are actually toxic to cats.”

Similar sentiments were conveyed by others, “I’m so glad your kitty is safe and someone was able to tell you the dangers.”


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