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McConaughey’s Phone Survives Rollercoaster Adventure at Six Flags



Quick Smiles:

  • Matthew McConaughey lost his phone on a rollercoaster ride at Six Flags while celebrating his daughter’s birthday.
  • Despite the mishap, the diligent Six Flags staff managed to locate and return his phone.
  • Despite its adventurous journey, the phone was still in working condition.

Matthew McConaughey’s recent rollercoaster adventure at Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio was a ride to remember. The actor was there to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, a celebration that almost took a turn for the worse.

While chatting on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, McConaughey shared the tale of how he lost his phone during the amusement park visit. His daughter’s birthday wish was to spend her special day riding rollercoasters, a wish that the family fulfilled with gusto.


Matthew McConaughey surprisingly got his phone back after losing it on a @Six Flags ride! #FallonTonight #TonightShow #MatthewMcConaughey #SixFlags

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They “rode every rollercoaster at least three times,” McConaughey shared. The Oscar-winning actor braved 26 different rides, playing the role of “Mr. Dad” with his jacket and pockets filled with snacks and everyone’s phones.

However, the last ride of the day brought an unexpected twist. His children noticed his phone had taken a leap of faith while they were rushing through an upside-down loop.

“On the very last right, just as we finish, behind me, Livingston and Vida are going, ‘Papa, I think your phone flew out on that last loop!’” McConaughey recalled.


Despite his initial disbelief, a quick pocket-check confirmed the unfortunate truth. His phone was missing. The actor, who thought he had “his stuff together,” was left puzzled.

“There was a security guard that was with us who had been videoing us,” McConaughey explained. “… he stopped on this frame, and we’re upside down, and there’s this phone right above my kids, flying off.”

The phone had landed in the middle of a swamp, leading McConaughey to believe it was gone for good. However, the dedicated Six Flags staff assured him they would search for it once the park closed.

True to their word, the employees found the phone. In a surprising turn of events, not only was the phone returned to its rightful owner, but it was also still in working condition.

In the end, the rollercoaster ride was a memorable one, and everything turned out “alright, alright, alright.”