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Dachshund Steals Spotlight as Surprise Bride in Viral Wedding Video



Quick Smiles:

  • An ecstatic bride decided to surprise her groom with their dachshund, Pennie, making a surprise appearance during their wedding day “first look.”
  • Pennie arrived in a mini bridal gown instead of the bride, with the moment being caught on camera and going viral with over 7.7 million views!
  • Pennie’s charming actions continue to remind us of the distinctive roles our pets play within our homes and families.

If you are looking for a way to inckude your dog in your wedding… let this be your idea. He turned around and 100% thought it would be me 🥹 #dachshundsoftiktok #dachshund #doxiesoftiktok #dachshundsoftiktok #2024bride #firstlook #firstlookwithgroom #weddingdogideas

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Madeline Savage-Meineke was getting ready to marry her partner Quinn. Their mutual love for each other was mirrored by their shared devotion to Pennie, their playfully energetic dachshund.

Madeline had a deep connection with Pennie from the start. She had always wanted a dog of her own, but her competitive volleyball career had prevented it.

As Madeline and Quinn started their lives together post-college, they decided to get a dachshund. After seeing a video from the breeder of Pennie’s tail wagging vigorously and her squeals of joy, they knew she was the perfect fit.

Pennie quickly became an invaluable part of their lives, her vibrant spirit illuminating every moment. Madeline confirms “She is the sweetest dog ever.”


So, when they started planning their wedding, Madeline had an extraordinary idea to include Pennie in their special day– a gesture that reflects a common sentiment, as statistics show about two-thirds of U.S. adults would involve their dogs in their wedding ceremonies.

Madeline’s initial plan was to have Pennie as the flower girl, but the Cathedral rules were strict. However, she had another, even more unexpected role for Pennie.

“I decided to give my husband a surprise ‘first look’,” she said. And so, Pennie, wearing a delightful bridal gown, became the unexpected star of the first look, leaving the groom pleasantly surprised.

Madeline shared, “He turned around and thought he blacked out because I wasn’t standing there like he thought I would be. Then he looked down and saw our little weenie girl.”

Pennie’s appearance helped calm Quinn’s wedding jitters. Her unexpected and playful intervention made the day even more extraordinary.

After surprising the groom, the couple had their real first look. Having played her part perfectly, Pennie went home with the sitter, while the video of the unusual ‘first look’ quickly gained popularity, amassing 7.7 million views.


Madeline’s intent was well-perceived. “I want people to see how special dogs are and how they are truly part of your family,” she wished to convey. “They bring so much love and joy into the world and just looking at her energy and excitement is what made our video so popular.”

Pennie’s role in their wedding was not only a delightful shock for Quinn but also a tribute to the pure, unconditional love pet dogs bring into our lives.


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