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Viral Video Captures Dad’s Joyful Tears Meeting New Puppy After Pet Loss



Quick Smiles:

  • A father in deep despair over the loss of his cherished family pet gets an endearing surprise from his family.
  • Family bonds, love for pets, and the joy of new beginnings blend together in a story that has won the hearts of viewers the world over.
  • A viral video capturing the father’s joyful tearful surprise is touching souls everywhere on the internet.

Thank you Cujo for sending us baby Winston. We miss you ❤️‍🩹 #petloss #newpuppy #pug #pugpuppy #dad #homecoming #puppy

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Experiencing the sudden loss of a beloved pet can lead to a crippling wave of grief. The absence of a long-faithful companion can create a void that feels like an unfillable chasm. Studies have shown that such grief can even have physical manifestations. In 2017, a 61-year-old woman was diagnosed with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, commonly known as “broken heart syndrome,” following the loss of her pet dog.

This diagnosis, although extreme, underscores the intensity of the bond between humans and their pets. Such was the case with Lillie Fergus’ family, and their much-loved pug named Cujo. Living in Nashville, Tennessee, the Fergus family adopted Cujo back in 2010 after responding to an online ad.

“He was the runt of his litter, and was smaller than a Coke can in his listing photo,” Fergus shared. “The breeders didn’t want to let him go because his littermates bullied him and he didn’t get to nurse, since he was the runt, so they were bottle-feeding him and babied him. My mom finally convinced them to let us take him home.”

Fergus’ father initially resisted the idea of owning a dog. However, over the years, he forged a strong and unshakeable bond with Cujo. This bond solidified when the rest of the family had to stay in the city during weekdays, leaving Cujo and her dad alone at home.


“My dad works from home most of the time, so he would work with Cujo in his lap and let him sleep in the bed with him,” Fergus detailed. “They were always sitting together at either my dad’s desk or in my dad’s recliner. My dad would make Cujo chicken everyday and was the primary person taking him on walks.”

Sadly, Cujo’s health abruptly declined in April of this year. After an emergency vet visit, it was discovered that Cujo had lung tumors, and was at the end of his life. Cujo was eased into his final sleep mere hours later, with Fergus’ father by his side.

“My dad wanted to hold him all the way through,” she recounted. “He held him while the vet administered the final shot. I thought it was symbolic that his favorite person held him while he passed, which I know was a great comfort to him.”

The loss affected Fergus’ dad profoundly. He felt guilty for not realizing Cujo’s illness sooner. Recognizing her husband’s grief, Fergus’ mother decided to bring home a new puppy named Winston, hoping to lighten his spirits.

A video of Fergus’ father meeting Winston for the first time went viral. Shared on TikTok under the username @dietcokecapricorn, the heartfelt video has garnered over 8 million views since late April. It shows Fergus’ father shedding joyful, emotional tears as he cuddles Winston for the first time.

“I knew his reaction would be good, but it was so much better than I could’ve imagined,” Fergus stated. While Winston could never replace Cujo, his arrival signaled a hopeful new chapter for the family. “Winston is the sweetest boy ever. I see a lot of Cujo’s personality in him, but he’s also different, which is good because I don’t want a clone of Cujo. I want Cujo to live on as his unique self,” she added.



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