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Golden Retriever Turns Maternal For Kittens



Quick Smiles:

  • The Golden Retriever named Daisy is winning over hearts on social media for her unusual maternal instinct towards kittens.
  • This lovable pooch has been repeatedly seen snuggling and taking care of the tiny kittens, despite them being from Luna, the resident cat.
  • The entertaining event has gone viral, receiving positive responses and funny stories from pet owners globally.

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The beautiful Golden Retriever, Daisy, appears to have overlooked species differences in her maternal pursuits. Daisy, driven by her nurturing instincts, continually takes Luna’s kittens, nurturing them lovingly and disregarding the fact they are not her biological offspring.

A heartwarming video posted by @quartkneebayybee on TikTok shows Daisy tenderly lifting a small kitten onto her bed for a cuddle. The video had the caption, “She keeps stealing Luna’s baby kittens… she wants to be their mama so bad!”

While it might seem strange, research reassures us that this interspecies bond is not out of the ordinary. With the right environment and well-managed introductions, cats and dogs can indeed coexist harmoniously.

Certain breeds are naturally more compatible with this arrangement. For instance, basset hounds, bulldogs, beagles, border collies, golden retrievers, and Labradors are reported to get along well with cats.


On the other hand, terriers and hounds, owing to their hunting instincts, might not be the best companions for a cat. Despite this, it’s noted that “Most canine breeds can coexist peacefully with a cat if they are socialized from their puppy stage and are trained to respect the cat’s space.” Instructions like ‘leave it’ and ‘stay’ can facilitate harmonious living.


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