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Dog-Lover Finds Joy in Dog-Like Stray Cat



Quick Smiles:

  • An enthusiastic dog seeker unexpectedly found companionship in a stray cat exhibiting dog-like traits.
  • Thomas, the newfound feline friend, has captured the attention of the internet, with his TikTok videos exceeding a million views and more than 309,100 likes.
  • The stray cat, a familiar figure on a college campus for years, will soon have a new home with Erica, the woman he befriended.

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Humorously referred to as the “cat distribution system,” a woman in Texas found herself captivated by a stray gray and white cat who chose her to be his new companion while she was searching for a dog. Who could refuse such a fluffy proposition?

In May, a TikTok video under the username erica_marie33 was posted, featuring the stray, now endearingly called Thomas. The video showed him comfortably walking up to Erica and affectionately nudging his head against her arm, asking for some quality cuddles.

Thomas exhibited behaviors often related to dogs, seeming at ease with Erica, and even rolling on his back to request a belly rub.

The RSPCA clarified that a cat’s body language can provide insight into their comfort level around people, regardless of whether they are standing, sitting or lying down. A cat lying down with its belly exposed, body stretched out, ears in their natural position, and eyes partially closed, like Thomas in the video, signifies relaxation and comfort.


Erica humorously captioned her post, “I think the cat distribution system knew I’ve been wanting a dog so they sent me the most dog-like cat they could find.” She jokingly added, “Guess I have to take him now.”

Erica Cote shared that Thomas was a well-recognized presence on the college campus and had been there for several years. “He is very sweet but needs some care! I haven’t had the chance to adopt/take him home yet, but I plan on doing so within the next week!”

Each year, about 17,260 pets, or 6.3 million in total, end up in U.S. shelters, as reported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. These numbers increased by 1,744 in January 2023, reaching a total of 46,807, according to the 24Pet ‘Shelter Watch Report’. It is disheartening to know that roughly 920,000 surrendered animals are put down annually.

In response, shelters have increased their efforts to reduce euthanasia rates through adoption campaigns, spaying and neutering programs, and behavior rehabilitation.


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