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Mark Wahlberg Attempts Adoption of Canine Co-Star from ‘Arthur the King’



Quick Smiles:

  • Mark Wahlberg, the 52-year-old actor, developed a deep affection for his canine co-star, Ukai, while filming ‘Arthur the King.’
  • Wahlberg’s children also grew fond of Ukai and hoped their dad would bring him home.
  • ‘Arthur the King,’ based on a true story, is set to release in theaters on March 15.

Mark Wahlberg, the renowned actor, recently shared his newfound affection for his four-legged co-star, Ukai, from his latest film ‘Arthur the King.’ At a screening and adoption event at California’s Westfield Century City, Wahlberg confessed to PEOPLE that he had attempted to adopt Ukai after developing a strong bond with him on set.

“Oh my God, I tried to bribe the trainer to sell me the dog,” Wahlberg candidly shared with PEOPLE. “I offered her whatever she would want. But, of course, that bond is not something that you can separate. I just fell in love with him.”

The connection between Wahlberg and Ukai was so profound that Wahlberg found himself longing to bring Ukai home. “I was amazed by how close we got and our connection. So, of course, I wanted him,” he continued.

Wahlberg, a father of four, revealed that his children also grew attached to Ukai and wished for him to join their family. “But I completely understood … I took a shot,” Wahlberg added, acknowledging the deep bond between Ukai and his trainer.

The actor fondly recalled his experience working with Ukai on the set of ‘Arthur the King.’ “You know, we had many amazing moments,” Wahlberg reminisced. “[My favorite moment] I would have to say anytime when the real race started for me, after the race was over and they crossed the finish line.”

He further elaborated, “But when the race to save Arthur started, that for me was like the real movie. That was the race. So to be able to do any scenes with Ukai, as Arthur, on an emotional level and to see how powerful his performance was was awesome.”

‘Arthur the King’ is a film adaptation of the true story of Swedish extreme athlete and author Mikael Lindnord and his relationship with a dog named Arthur, whom he met at a 2014 championship adventure race in Ecuador. The story was shared in Lindnord’s 2016 book ‘Arthur: The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home.’


In the film, Wahlberg portrays the character Michael Light, based on Lindnord, alongside Ukai, who plays his four-legged companion Arthur. The pair team up for an epic endurance race, creating a captivating narrative.

In addition to their on-screen collaboration, Wahlberg and Ukai recently starred in a PSA promoting pet adoption. The clip, released in collaboration with Lionsgate and the Best Friends Animal Society, emphasized the importance of pet adoption, with Wahlberg encouraging viewers to consider adopting a dog in need from shelters.

‘Arthur the King’ is set to bring joy to theaters on March 15.