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Golden Retriever’s Grumpy Holiday Homecoming Melts into Treat-Induced Bliss



Quick Smiles:

  • Finn, the golden retriever, showcases his discontent after his owners leave him for a three-day vacation.
  • Regardless of receiving multiple signs of affection from his owners, Finn stays unhappy and vocalizes his feelings with protest barks.
  • Eventually, Finn’s stern mood is softened by a mix of treats, sausages, and additional affection.

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Pets can develop profound emotional attachments with their humans, and when left alone, they can feel quite deserted. One golden retriever named Finn is a master in showing his emotions when his humans have the audacity to leave him behind for a vacation.

His owners chose to take a three-day break, leaving him by himself. While three days might not seem long to us humans, it is a different narrative in dog years. According to the National Canine Research Association of America, a full 24 hours equals seven dog days. So, for Finn, his owners were absent for a painful three weeks.

“Finn despises it when they leave but is overjoyed when he sees them,” owner Carly shared via TikTok. However, once the initial excitement subsides, Finn doesn’t shy away from showing his unhappiness.

This entertaining situation was vividly displayed in a TikTok video shared by the account @fluffyfinny27 on May 1. From his throne on a couch, Finn visibly showed his displeasure. Even when his dad attempted to reconcile with a kiss, he encountered cold indifference. Clearly, Finn was not yet ready to forgive.


Despite the continuous flow of affection, Finn remained resolute, becoming a symbol of injured feelings. He even barked to emphasize his unresolved distress. His owners depicted his behavior in the comments section as being “absolutely livid.”

However, as any dog owner knows, the way to a dog’s forgiveness is often marked with treats. An hour after his protest, Finn finally started softening thanks to some delicious treats and sausages. “He forgave us later once he had some treats and few sausages,” Carly revealed.

Additional cuddles and tender words can also pacify an annoyed canine. While they might not understand the language, they are sensitive to the tone and body language, which can aid in their emotional healing.


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