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Indoor Cat’s Hilarious Shrubbery Mishap



Quick Smiles:

  • Indoor cat, Neo, humorously bungles an encounter with outdoor shrubbery, causing widespread laughter on social media.
  • Despite the occasional outdoor adventure, Neo’s preference for indoor life is clearly reflected in his amusingly clumsy attempts at bush-leaping.
  • Following the laughter, Banfield Pet Hospital highlights the benefits and challenges of keeping cats indoors to enlighten pet owners.

The internet can’t seem to contain its laughter after a shy, home-loving cat named Neo had an adorably awkward introduction to the outdoors. Seen on a video posted on his human’s Instagram account (@momento_by_sweety), Neo can observed making a humorously sincere evaluation of a shrubbery.

Securing a remarkable 8.1 million views, the video displays Neo’s charmingly failed attempts as he tries a few bunny hops before bounding towards the shrubbery, only to completely miss his target. Neo’s human, Jasmine, aged 25, shared that her three-year-old spotted cat only ventures out about three times a month, and bush-jumping is not his standard activity.

Jasmine commented, “He was absolutely thrilled to see the grass,” underlining Neo’s infrequent outdoor outings despite his enthusiasm. She further disclosed, “He loves the outdoors, but he’s afraid of people. Without a family member, he’s not at ease.”

Currently, the amusing video has garnered over 342,000 likes and more than 1,700 comments. Among the myriad of comments, one viewer penned: “Almost there, little guy, almost.” Another agreed, stating, “He gave it his best effort.”

One particularly humorous commenter interjected, “The cat is like ‘Help, I’m stuck!’”

Following this entertaining incident, the Banfield Pet Hospital in Vancouver, Washington has emerged to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of keeping feline buddies indoors. According to them, protection, minimal environmental harm, and closer interaction are among the benefits of an indoor lifestyle for cats.


However, they also pointed out that decreased exercise, potential behavior problems, lack of outdoor awareness, stress, and boredom are the challenges indoor cats may face. To counter these issues, the hospital advises providing plenty of interactive toys, scratching posts, and even a cat tree, which can offer both exercise and entertainment for indoor cats.

Cardboard boxes and bags with handles removed can also keep your feline friend entertained. While some owners like Jasmine provide monitored outdoor time, many indoor cats never experience the outside due to their comfort and safety indoors.

For pet owners interested in sharing their pet’s cute adventures, we welcome them to share their stories and photos for potential inclusion in our Pet of the Week feature. Whether it’s a clumsy leap into a bush or a loving cuddle on the couch, every moment with our furry friends is one to treasure.


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