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Toy Poodle Becomes Internet Sensation as Newborn’s Nanny



Quick Smiles:

  • Ivy, a toy poodle and mother to her own pups, is now also mothering newborn Daisy who is dealing with colic.
  • Ivy’s owner, Lois Walker, was pleasantly surprised to see Ivy comforting Daisy and she recorded the heartwarming scene in a TikTok video.
  • The video has been viewed over 47,000 times and many viewers have shared their own experiences with their pets looking after children.

I have a mummy toy poodle who currently has 3 puppies, she kept scratching at the door and barking so I thought she needed the toliet but I find shes jumped up in the moses basker and the reason my ‘colic’ baby is quiet is she is baby sitting her and shes peacefully asleep.🥹😅 My dog gets upset with baby screaming and I truly believe dogs know when something isnt right. As much as she is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known, I removed her immediately of course but I had to share because dogs are such intelligent beings! #babyanddog #baby #colic #babiesoftiktotok #babylove #babytiktok #colickybaby

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In the United Kingdom, Ivy is showing the world that a mother’s love knows no species. Already a proud mother to her own litter, Ivy has decided to give baby Daisy, who suffers from colic, some comfort.

Ivy lives with Lois Walker, Walker’s partner, their two children, and two other dogs. Walker, a busy mom who owns The Pets Agency, frequently shares about her life with her children and pets on social media.

Pets can provide children with numerous benefits. For instance, a pet food company, Purina, mentions that pets can provide “constant companionship,” “a more active lifestyle,” and can help “children learn responsibility.”

“Dogs can be a great source of comfort for kids—even when they’re dealing with difficult life lessons. Whenever kids feel sad, angry, or afraid, they can always turn to their pet,” explains the company on their website.


And this certainly seems true for Daisy, who has been soothed by Ivy’s loving presence. The discomfort of colic can be quite stressful for a baby and parents, yet Ivy was there to provide solace.

Walker uploaded a video on TikTok (@mummybossadventure) where she narrates: “I have a colic baby that won’t stop crying, and my puppies’ mother is very worried about her. I walk in and she’s looking after her.” She added humorously in the video: “I did take her out immediately!”

The bond between Walker’s children and her pets, including Pedro and Bert, is strong. Walker described Ivy’s behavior during her pregnancy as extremely caring. She said, “When I was pregnant with my first baby, in the last week of pregnancy she wouldn’t leave my side, she refused walks and was always checking on me.”

This empathetic behavior carried over to baby Daisy. Walker thinks that Ivy’s recent motherhood might have activated her instincts to soothe the newborn. “She has three beautiful puppies at the moment, and I think because Daisy has colic and cries a lot, she feels she needs to help and take care of her too,” Walker speculates.

Yet while she found Ivy’s concern touching, Walker emphasized the importance of safety, advising against leaving a dog alone with a newborn. As a licensed ethical breeder of toy poodles who has studied animal behavior, she confirmed that Ivy wasn’t being threatening.

Walker believes that children who grow up with pets learn to love and respect animals and nature. They also learn responsibility by helping parents, all while having fun. “Kids and puppies are best friends,” she remarks.


Ivy’s video comforting Daisy has blown up on the internet, with users sharing their own stories. One TikTok user shared, “My pup does this when my daughter is struggling with her hypermobility in her legs.” Another user commented, “World’s cutest babysitter,” while someone else praised Ivy’s instincts, saying Daisy “needed pressure. She knew what she needed. Just like my son.”


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