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Video: Golden Retriever Sensation with Adorable Morning Rituals



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  • Bodie, a Golden Retriever, became an internet sensation after a TikTok video showcased his endearing morning routine with his owner.
  • Experts suggest that dogs share their owners’ beds to feel warm, secure, and companionship.
  • Co-sleeping with dogs can alleviate anxiety and offer a sense of safety, but it can also potentially lead to health risks, including human allergies and the transmission of parasites.

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A TikTok video featuring Bodie, a Golden Retriever with a delightful morning ritual, has spread joy across the online community. The charming footage, shared by user @goodboybodie, shows Bodie waiting anxiously to see if his owner is awake.

Upon realising that his owner is indeed awake, Bodie expresses his joy through a series of affectionate kisses and cuddles. The video’s caption adds to the delightful scene: “He was so calm this morning, no bites only kisses?! I’ll take it!”

According to dog wellness experts, there are several reasons why dogs prefer to sleep with their owners. Primarily, they seek warmth, companionship, and the reassurance of their owner’s presence.

Statistics from the American Kennel Club (AKC) suggest that almost half of all dog owners in the US allow their furry friends to share their bed or bedroom. They cite the benefits of co-sleeping, such as decreased anxiety and increased personal safety. “Being close to you makes it easier for your dog to alert you when something unusual is happening.”


At the same time, the AKC also warns of potential health risks associated with co-sleeping. For example, dogs could potentially make human allergies worse and could bring in pests like fleas or ticks, which may carry diseases.


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