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Video: Male Cat Turns Foster Mom for Rescued Kittens



Quick Smiles:

  • A litter of kittens rescued in Los Angeles has found an unexpected foster parent in a male cat named Bundy.
  • Bundy, owned by veterinary assistant Kyla Lodwig, has taken on the role of a mother, caring for the kittens in a surprising display of feline empathy.
  • The story of Bundy and his adopted kittens has captured the hearts of TikTok users, with a video of the unusual family garnering over 625,700 views.

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In a delightful twist of events, a male cat has taken on the role of a foster parent for a litter of six kittens rescued in Los Angeles. The kittens, now in a foster home, are being lovingly cared for by their unexpected stepfather, Bundy.

Kyla Lodwig, a veterinary assistant, brought the kittens home from a rescue mission at a private junkyard property plagued with a feral cat issue. “The owner does not claim the cats, but because he will not allow anyone to step foot on the property, they had to entice the cats to come over to their side,” Lodwig shared.

The rescue mission was partly successful, with six kittens secured while the mother cat and another kitten managed to evade capture. Despite feeling terrible about separating the kittens from their mother, Lodwig knew it was necessary to ensure they were spayed, neutered, and eventually adopted.

Upon bringing the kittens home on March 28, Lodwig initially tried to keep them separate from her own cats for health and safety reasons. However, Bundy, her curious and nosey cat, had other plans.


“Bundy would attempt to get into the room, screaming if he knew something was going on,” Lodwig shared.

After a few days, Bundy was introduced to the kittens and quickly assumed the role of a father figure. This unexpected turn of events was captured in a TikTok video posted on @bowtie.bundy’s account on April 14, with the caption: “POV: Your male cat is a foster mom to 6 kittens.”

Initially, Bundy was wary of the kittens, growling and hissing at them. But his attitude changed after a few days. “He started to ‘scruff’ the kittens, a common way female cats pick up their young,” Lodwig explained.

“From that point, he would start bringing them out to the living room, putting them on the carpet, on the couch,” she continued. “He started grooming them.”

Now, Bundy even attempts to play with the kittens, although their size difference makes them a bit apprehensive.

The kittens, believed to be between five and six weeks old, are expected to be ready for adoption in the next two or three weeks. Lodwig is currently collaborating with the ASPCA Los Angeles to get the kittens into their program.



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