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Ingenious Dog Owner Busts Pet’s Fear, Wins Internet Hearts



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  • An inventive dog owner gains internet fame using a unique method to help her Yorkie overcome its fear of household appliances.
  • Instead of viewing the vacuum and blow-dryer as threats, the dog now allows its owner to dry his fur after she “rebukes” the appliances.
  • The life-altering trick has brought in over 1.7 million views and garnered more than 253,700 likes on TikTok.

not to be dramatic but whoever gave me this tip deserves a nobel peace prize (sorry for the cracked screen lol) #fyp #foryou #fypシ

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A Yorkie owner has taken the internet by storm due to a noteworthy technique she used to assist her pet in coping with his fear of vacuums and blow-dryers. A video uploaded to TikTok by the user @candacce shows that these once menacing appliances have not just become bearable for her pet, but he even allows her to dry his fur with the once-feared blow-dryer.

Veterinary experts suggest there are several reasons why dogs might fear vacuums. The device could be an unfamiliar object they’ve never seen before, or they might have had a bad encounter with it previously. In some instances, working breeds might perceive the vacuum as an unruly sheep needing corralling!

Defying conventional wisdom, the astute dog owner recounts the unusual strategy she employed.
“Someone online suggested that, if you want your dog to quit being scared of the vacuum or blow-dryer, you need to, well, chide it,” she said.
“Tell it ‘No!’ as if it isn’t an inert object and is another dog, as if I’m chiding a hairdryer.”

In a heartfelt thank you, she added, “To whoever gave me this tip, thank you. I hope you stumble upon $100 this week.”


The heartwarming video displays how the formerly fearful pup would “escape from my arms whenever I used the blow-dryer; he was terrified of it”. Fast forward to today, post the trick, the video illustrates the Yorkie calm and collected as his fur is blow-dried, proving the remarkable effectiveness of the unexpected technique.

The happy-go-lucky @candacce had more to share about this fascinating anecdote. “I was able to, kind of, argue with him over the back of his coat, but he would never let me do the front, and then look at him now. He would squirm out of my grip, but now… I’m scolding the hairdryer, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, you listen to my mom!’”

Encouraged by her accomplishment, she imparts the same advice to other pet owners. “So if you own a dog that despises the vacuum or a blow-dryer, hey, I’m merely suggesting you should try it.”


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vic

    May 7, 2024 at 2:04 am

    Had trouble getting beyond the little dog’s hair being dyed blue. Still hoping it was just the lighting, but doubt it.

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