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Fear Of Missing Out Pup Runs Away But Returns Immediately



Quick Smiles:

  • A rescue pup named Nat gives his family a scare when he darts out of the house, only to return 8 seconds later.
  • The family’s entertaining experience, recorded in a video and shared on TikTok, has accumulated nearly 2 million views and over 160,000 likes.
  • The playful Nat, primarily a Boxer according to a DNA test, provides comfort to the family’s other dog, Willie Nelson.

Shortest dog escape ever. 😅 PS: of course a dog escaping is no laughing matter. We are very responsible dog owners, and this was an accident. #justforfun #adoptdontshop cc: @weratedogs #boxerdog #boxerpuppy #rescuedog

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When a newly-adopted, lively puppy named Nat darted out of the family home, the result was a brief spell of panic. The puppy’s quick departure and even faster return not only alarmed his family, but also abruptly ended their anxiety.

The animated escape was recorded on video and shared on TikTok by Manu Muraro on her account, @yoursocialteam. The video, which shows the fleeting exit and return of the cheeky puppy, has already delighted many viewers.

Captured by a camera on their home’s exterior, 11-month-old Nat can be seen bolting out of the door and down the street. Muraro’s husband, Jason, gives chase, initially expressing disapproval by calling out, “Bad dog!”

However, Jason quickly changes his approach, instructing his daughter to be quiet while clapping his hands and cheerfully calling, “What’s this? C’mere, this way, come on buddy!”


Assuming he was missing out on the fun, Nat, the Boxer puppy, quickly retreated back into the house. This brief excursion lasted only eight seconds! Muraro humorously captioned the video, suggesting that Nat’s rapid return was driven by FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.

The family’s amusing video has already received close to 2 million views and over 160,000 likes on TikTok, entertaining many viewers.

“‘Puppy suddenly remembered how hard it is out there alone,’ one user quipped, another described it as ‘classic Boxer behavior.’”

Muraro, a 47-year-old business owner from Atlanta, shared their adoption experience. Nat was adopted from a Boxer rescue a few months before this incident. She jokingly mentioned that her husband probably “saw his marriage flash before his eyes” when Nat ran away.

“‘It all happened so quickly! From the moment he bolted until he returned, it all took eight seconds,’ Muraro said.”

While a pet escaping is serious, the family can’t help but laugh when looking back on the chaotic eight seconds. Nat dashed out and back in with the same speed and enthusiasm, seemingly attracted by the indoor fun.


Muraro arrived home five minutes after the incident. She found her daughter still shaken from the scare and her husband trying to act calm.

“‘That’s when I checked the camera. I wanted to see the chaos now that everyone was safe and sound.’”

A recent DNA test revealed that Nat is 74 percent Boxer. Muraro jokes that he is “100 percent good dog,” although that aspect might be debatable. As a typical Boxer, Nat is always ready for mischief and play, sports an unusual underbite and shows a strong desire to please.

Muraro affectionately describes Nat as “Velcro” because he always stays by her side and is ready for a cuddle. He’s also brought comfort to their other dog, Willie Nelson, helping him overcome his fear of storms.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes Boxers as the perfect pet package, “bright and alert, sometimes silly, but always courageous.”

For those considering adding a dog to their family, Muraro firmly suggests adopting instead of buying. She strongly believes that breed-specific rescue groups are a great resource for those who have a preference for a particular breed.


So, if you’re thinking of welcoming a furry friend into your family, consider Muraro’s story as a positive, fun-filled example of the rewards that come with adoption!


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