101-Year-Old Grandma Adopts Oldest Cat from Animal Shelter

  • Older animals usually have a difficult time getting adopted but for Gus-Gus, his age helped get him a very special home.
  • The 19-year-old cat was adopted by a family for a 101-year-old-woman named Penny.
  • Now, Gus-Gus and Penny are the purr-fect match.

The Humane Society of Catawba County (HSCC) in North Carolina revealed last week that a senior cat named Gus Gus that had just arrived at the shelter was adopted by a 101-year-old woman.

“Our hearts are full with this beautiful adoption. Our 19-year-old (133 in human years) Great-GrandPAW, has found the loving arms of his new mamma who is at the ripe young age of 101. Congratulations Gus-Gus!” the animal shelter shared on Facebook along with a photo of the duo.

The shelter added, “Wishing you the best days ahead watching squirrels and sharing your love and purrs!”

The HSCC’s executive director Jane Bower spoke to Newsweek on Monday about the “match made in heaven” adoption.

Bower explained that Gus Gus’ previous “owner was heartbroken” because they had to bring the cat to the shelter because of unforeseen work commitments that would’ve made it difficult to care for the animal.

The HSCC executive director told the outlet that the shelter has a mission to prevent adoptable animals from getting euthanized, so they agreed to take in the elderly pet — noting that after a health evaluation, they discovered Gus Gus was “in exceptional health” for his age.

Shortly after the 19-year-old cat arrived in the shelter, the 101-year-old woman’s family “contacted us asking to adopt a senior cat for their mother,” according to Bower. “She had recently lost her cat, and although they had given her a stuffed cat, she wasn’t happy because it didn’t purr.”

Photo Credit: Humane Society of Catawba County

“We were cautious because of the age of all parties, but the family said they were willing to care for the cat on behalf of their mother,” she added to Newsweek.

Since moving in with the elderly woman, Gus Gus has “made himself at home and is eating like a horse.”

Bower also told the outlet that although Gus Gus is older than all the cats at the shelter, they do “regularly see older pets” and encouraged people to consider adopting pets “regardless of their age.”

Source: People

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