15 Adorable Photos of Cute Cuddly Cows

cute cuddly cows

  • When it comes to animals, cats and dogs tend to be the most popular choices.
  • But cows can be cute and cuddly, too!
  • Just take a look at these adorable photos of cows — some of them look as cuddly as teddy bears!

Popular pets tend to be cats and dogs, but did you know that farm animals such as cows can be cute and cuddly, too?

Like other pets, cows are very curious. They also have qualities similar to humans — some can be social while some are on the shy side. They have individual personalities, but they can be just as adorable and affectionate as other popular pets!

Need more proof? Check out these adorable pictures of cute and cuddly cows.

1. We’re extremely curious about how it would feel to hug this fuzzy baby!

Cute Cuddly Cows
Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Cows can have distinct markings as well.

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Willow, a premature Longhorn calf, has been raised with dogs and acts like one!

cow in jacket standing inside by wood stove
Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Cows can be great snuggle partners, as shown by this little farmer at Connecticut’s Goshen Fair.

boy sleeping in hay with cow
Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Cow owners also have fun naming them. This one is named Tater Tot, Hashbrown’s baby.

newborn calf
Photo Credit: Reddit

6. This baby is named Waffles.

cute baby calf
Photo Credit: Reddit

7. They look adorable in flower crowns, too!

cow with flower crown
Photo Credit: Instagram

8. It’s not a flower crown, but these ear warmers give a cute look in addition to protection.

cow wearing hand made earmuffs
Photo Credit: Imgur

9. Cows definitely know how to spread holiday cheer as well.

calf wearing Christmas antlers and lights
Photo Credit: Reddit

10. Cody the cow can be mistaken for a giant teddy bear!

Cute Cuddly Cows
Photo Credit: Reddit

11. They really seem like great snuggle buddies.

two cows snuggling
Photo Credit: Reddit

12. This fluffy Scottish Highlands cow is ready for the cold weather!

Cute Cuddly Cows
Photo Credit: Reddit

13. This little one might need a bit of a haircut.

Cow with fur covering its eyes
Photo Credit: Reddit

14. This tiny hedgehog has snuggled up with this Highland cow.

fluffy cow and hedgehog
Photo Credit: Reddit

15. Apparently, dogs love cows, too!

dog getting kisses from cows
Photo Credit: Reddit

Are these photos enough to convince you that cows are adorable? You don’t even have to move to the country to enjoy these pictures.

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