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A Love So True Not Even a Pandemic Can Separate [Video]



  • The pandemic has made 70-year couple Sam and Shirley Kleiman hold back on going for rides but not on their talks.
  • They now talk through a window glass every day when Sam visits Shirley at her living center.
  • Sam says the secret to their marriage is fully investing in each other and for him to always say, “Yes, dear.”

Canadian Sam Kleiman says as he visits his wife at an assisted living center, “I’m not separated by that glass. We connect and [the pandemic] is just a situation that we’re dealing with, that’s all. … We may be apart in that we can’t be physically close to one another, but we’re not apart.”

What a love! Sam has been married to his wife Shirley for the past 70 years. He has been visiting Shirley daily even just through a window because of the health concerns posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo Credit: CBC

Sam says that they have made it through worse in the years that they have been married.

He says he and his wife have endured the death of two of their children and his wife “pulled me through all that, and we lean on one another. We always have.”

What helps them endure the trials is their constant love for each other. The conditions now may get some getting used to, but what’s a little sacrifice?

Photo Credit: CBC

For the past three years, as they have been living separately, Sam has been visiting Shirley diligently every day. He would take her out often for a ride or just sit and talk about anything with her. The pandemic restrictions changed all that. 

Now they still talk with Sam outside one of the windows while Shirley is inside. In the video below, you can hear them declaring their love for each other and see them blowing kisses.

Seeing the couple’s deep connection has been a source of inspiration for the staff members at the assisted living facility.

According to Sam, the secret to a successful marriage is simple: “Both have to be fully invested… And if you are, and you trust one another that you are, then there are no real important issues that can’t be dealt with.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Sam also shares the other secret: to always say, “Yes, dear.”

There’s really nothing more romantic than a couple, staying for more than 70 years, still sticking it out together — pandemic or no pandemic.


Source: Inspire More