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A Toad Visited Her One Night And Has Since Become Her Housemate!



  • Sita never expected to become a host for a toad but then Jabba came into her life.
  • Since then, Jabba the Toad has been living in her shoe every summer and then taking off after the season ends.
  • Whenever the summer ends, Sita is unsure if Jabba will ever be back, but she’s happy to be friends with her.

Sometime last year, a toad visited Sita Hood and made itself comfortable at her home right away. 

Sita could’ve shooed the toad away but she decided to offer the little visitor her shoe.

Apparently, the toad enjoyed her first night in Sita’s shoe because she’s stayed there from then on!

Sita even gave her a name: Jabba the Toad.

Photo Credit: Sita Hood

“I started leaving the light on to attract bugs for Jabba,” she told The Dodo.

Whenever Jabba is done snacking on the bugs, or when she just wanted to rest, she’d return to Sita’s shoe, which was left on the porch intentionally for her.

Since there is a resident on her shoe now, that means she can’t use it anymore. But that doesn’t matter. 

“Donating my shoe was no big deal,” Sita said. “If it afforded her comfort or protection, why not?”

Photo Credit: Sita Hood

No doubt, Jabba loves her new home and she didn’t forget to show her gratitude for Sita’s hospitality.

When summer was about to end, Jabba hopped out from the shoe and went to the woods, probably to hibernate during the colder season.


Finally, after some months, Sita’s shoe was toadless. But it didn’t take long for its resident to return.

Jabba came back when spring came.

Photo Credit: Sita Hood

“One morning, there she was in my shoe,” Sita recalled.

Everything was pretty much the same as before — the shoe was there for Jabba to sleep in. But there was one incident that prompted Sita to post a note on the wall.

“A well-meaning friend picked up my shoes, and put Jabba in the flower bed,” Sita said. “I put my shoes back and, undeterred, Jabba was back later that night.”

Since not everyone knew about Sita’s bedspacer, she decided to post a note on the wall that says: 

Photo Credit: Sita Hood

“Caution! These shoes are the summer home of Jabba the Toad please do not disturb! Thank you!”, the sign read.

Just like the end of Jabba’s first summer with Sita, she hopped away and left after her second summer. Sita is unsure when or if she’ll be back. What she’s sure of is that she’s happy to have shared a special friendship with the toad.

“I was grateful and delighted to have a friendship with Jabba,” Sita said. “We are all part of the web of life, and on good days, [are] all here for each other.”

Source: The Dodo