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After Her Wedding Cancelled Due To Coronavirus, Friends Pushed Through With Bridal Shower While Staying Six Feet Apart



  • Engaged couple Sheila and Terence Gavin were about to have their wedding in June.
  • Due to the spread of coronavirus, they had to postpone their wedding and all other prior events to a different date.
  • But Sheila’s friends are unstoppable so they pushed through with the bridal shower while staying six feet apart from each other.

Who says bridal showers can’t be done while following social distancing? Well, meet this incredible group of friends!

While planning a wedding and all the events before the big day could be very hectic, this is what makes every bride-to-be more excited for the special day to come. Sheila Brosnanwoke certainly feels the same. But with the current situation, she had to move her plans into a more feasible date.

Photo Credit: Kerry Ames

The engaged couple Sheila and Terence Gavin were forced to move their planned June wedding to November due to COVID-19 outbreaks. But Sheila’s friends are simply unstoppable. They just had to push through with the scheduled bridal shower even if they had to do it under social distancing.

It was only right to assume that Sheila has postponed her wedding, all preparations and events would be cancelled or postponed as well. So while she was sad that things didn’t go as originally planned, she never never thought that her bridal shower would come around quite unexpectedly.

When Terence suggested that they take a drive to lighten up her mood, she did not know he was an accomplice to a surprise for her. The moment they came into a parking lot, Sheila saw her friends formed into a circle—with six feet distance—and she was overwhelmed with happiness.

Photo Credit: Kerry Ames

“I think it’s the nicest thing anyone ever has done. I felt really, really loved,” Sheila told GMA. “It was emotional seeing these faces that I love so much but have not seen in recent weeks.”

Despite having to stay at a six feet distance, the group had a great time together!

As the coronavirus continues to affect lives such as that of Sheila’s and all her plans, she still is trying to see “the good stuff” and that her unique bridal shower has made her realize that “everything is going to be okay because people are good and kind and they take care of each other.”

With the great things she’s received in spite of all the circumstances, Sheila hopes to pay it forward to someone who would need a little something to cheer on.


Source: Inspire More