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Baa-dass Sheep Lucy Outsmarts Farm Staff! [Video]




  • A sheep named Lucy at Whitehouse Farm Centre in England repeatedly let herself and her fellow ewes roam free by unlocking their pen’s gate.
  • The farm was puzzled until they installed a hidden camera and caught Lucy in the act of using her mouth to slide the bolt open and pull the gate inwards.
  • The farm’s Facebook post of the video went viral, with viewers amazed at Lucy’s intelligence and escape plan.

Whitehouse Farm Centre in Morpeth, England was perplexed by a series of breakouts in their barn, until a hidden camera revealed the culprit: Lucy the one-year-old Leicester sheep. Along with two fellow ewes, Lucy had been repeatedly unlocking their pen’s gate and roaming free. In a video shared on the farm’s Facebook page, Lucy can be seen sticking her head through the wooden fence, sliding the bolt open with her mouth, and pulling the gate inwards to open it.

The video went viral, with tens of thousands of views and shares, as viewers marveled at Lucy’s intelligence and escape plan.

One commenter exclaimed, “The craziest part was that she knew she needed to open the gate inward!” Another joked, “And they say sheep are stupid. You have definitely shown them.”

Whitehouse Farm was thrilled to have solved the mystery, writing in their Facebook post, “OMG, a mystery has been solved today at Whitehouse farm. We have been puzzled for some time how the same pen of sheep keep getting out. Look what we caught on camera today!”