Beagle Not Letting Go of Her First Toy Even When She’s Eating [Video]

  • Dory the beagle is part of the dogs that have been rescued from the Envigo facility.
  • Dory has a favorite toy which the rescue center gave her.
  • The beagle has been so attached to the toy, she’s not letting it out of her sight even when eating.

After a judge ruled to close and order all the 4,000 beagles at the Envigo research facility, the dogs are now distributed at different rescue centers to start new chapters in their lives.

One dog, Dory, came with her eight puppies at the Triangle Beagle Rescue along with 128 other rescues.

Dory knew no other life but to be a mom.  All her life she was used for breeding.  And now at age 3, she does not really know how to be a dog. Her foster mom, Amy Adams said, โ€œShe’s focused on taking care of those babies. I look forward to when she’s freed from that job and able to become a regular playful girl and household companion.โ€

She stole a wool dryer ball as her first play toy which prompted her mom to buy her her own toys.  And it was love at first sight for Dory when she was given a green stuffed alligator toy.

Photo Credit: Triangle Beagle Rescue

The new toy alligator became her obsession that she cannot put the toy down even when she has to eat. You canโ€™t blame her, she’s adjusting to a lot of firsts and the family cannot help but watch adorably the unraveling of Doryโ€™s personality.

Adams added, โ€œShe’s a sweet, snugly, quiet girl but so playful and full of energy. Her tail never stops wagging.โ€

Photo Credit: Triangle Beagle Rescue

Everyone who has been following the Envigo beaglesโ€™ story are all hoping that the pups would end up in their forever homes where they can play with all the toys that they would be given, play with their siblings or family and just be a dog.

We hope you find your family soon, Dory!

Source: The Dodo

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