Bulldog with iconic eyebrows looks like the grumpiest dog

Madame Eyebrows

  • Madame Eyebrows is an English bulldog with thick, expressive eyebrows that make her look like the grumpiest pet.
  • But according to her owner, she’s actually a “very happy” pooch who shows her happiness by wiggling her tail and giving lots of kisses.
  • Madame Eyebrows is now quite famous and well-loved on Instagram, where she showcases her hilarious photos and unique eyebrows.

Have you ever seen a sad but happy face? Here’s one.

Photo Credit: madame_eyebrows/Instagram

This is Madame Eyebrows — an English bulldog from Germany, with thick, expressive eyebrows that make her look like she’s the grumpiest cat, I mean dog, in the animal world.

But don’t get her wrong, she isn’t actually a cranky pooch. It’s just that her eyebrows, and perhaps the shape of her mouth, make her look like such a lonely pup.

Nevertheless, she has a huge following on Instagram where her hilarious pictures are well-loved — and the grumpiest ones make her an internet star.

Her mom, Janina, would vouch that Madame Eyebrows is a “very happy” dog. She usually shows her happiness by wiggling her tail or giving kisses.

Once you get to know this thick-browed canine, you’d discover that she’s actually a sweet, cheerful dog, despite looking like the Debbie Downer of the party.

Photo Credit: madame_eyebrows/Instagram

“In real life, you have to see her only a few minutes and you see that she is happy,” Janina told The Dodo. “We don’t see only her sad face. We see how funny she is! And how much love she gives to us.”

Photo Credit: madame_eyebrows/Instagram

Madame Eyebrows may look upset all the time, but don’t get fooled by her striking brows. She is truly a joyful canine you would love to have.

Source: Inspire More

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