Camera shows real relationship between dog and cat while their owner is away [Video]

  • A dog and cat’s real relationship has been captured on video.
  • The pair’s owners installed a camera inside his home to keep an eye on his pets while he’s away.
  • The camera showed that things took a turn for the worst as soon their owner left the house.

Introducing Otis the dog and his younger brother, Blue the cat.

They’re presently snuggling blissfully on the couch, the epitome of interspecies harmony. But don’t be deceived by this peaceful moment.


Otis and Blue’s connection is actually a little more difficult.

Kristopher Alphonse, the pets’ owner, has decided to install a camera in his home to keep an eye on the pair while he is away. 

Would they curl up in each other’s arms and spend hours cuddling? 


Things take a turn for the worst almost as soon as Alphonse departs. When Alphonse later reviewed the footage, he noticed the following:


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Alphonse told The Dodo:

β€œThat whole video is a compilation of one morning when we left our home for work. Only 10 minutes after we left!”

Blue appears to be the main instigator in the video, pouncing and pawing at his brother, Otis, who, while clearly not one to give up on a play fight, would probably be satisfied to simply slumber in peace.

Sure, that cunning kitten is a handful, but Otis still adores him.


It’s safe to say there are never any boring moments while the pair’s owners are away.

β€œThose are our boys,” Alphonse said. β€œWe adore how much they have grown together, as Otis wasn’t fond of cats at first, but with lots of supervision and love, they became brothers quick. It’s nice to see neither is ever lonesome anymore.”

Source: The Dodo

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kurt gandenberger

the boston feels he is the dominant brother, but the siamese does not accept the pecking order. the rivalry is similar to that in some human families. i still believe an actual brother and sister are the best for domestic harmony. however, even then there is a chance for conflict. a very cute video.