Cat Impresses Viewers with Ping-Pong Skills [Video]

Cat Impresses Viewers with Ping-Pong Skills

  • Quincy the cat impressed the online world with his ping-pong skills.
  • A recent video showcased Quincy’s skills as he rallied with a human opponent in a ping-pong game.
  • Game technicalities aside, viewers praised Quincy for his ping-pong knowledge and skills!

Table tennis pros and casual ping-pong players may have to look out for a new competitor: a cat!

Quincy showcased his impressive ping-pong skills in a match that was recently shared on YouTube by Rumble.


“Quincy found a new hobby last night, and by the looks of it, we have a champion in the making,” the video caption read. “Hilarious!”

Quincy held his own as he masterfully rallied with his human competitor. Using his paw as the ping-pong paddle, he was able to land most of his shots on his opponent’s side of the table.

Sure, if we follow the technical rules, the human competitor will gain most of the points since Quincy’s “free hand touched the playing surface,” as stated in the rules provided by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Photo Credit: Rumble/YouTube

And if we contest that the free “hand” is not technically a hand but a paw — and that his supposed table tennis racquet is also a paw — it could get even more complicated.

Perhaps the adorable Quincy can get a free pass?

Rules aside, the talented cat gained a lot of fans online upon seeing the video.

Photo Credit: Rumble/YouTube

One viewer praised Quincy for his apparent knowledge of the game. They wrote, “I love the way she or he stays on their side of the table and never crosses over. The cat understands the rules of the game. Loved this!”

“Quincy becomes famous for introducing the two-hand smash to table tennis,” another comment read.

One viewer quipped, “Imagine telling your buddies you lost to a cat!”

How would you feel playing a game against this cat? Then again, we probably wouldn’t mind losing to him!


Source: Daily Paws

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