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Cat Obsessed With Cardboard Boxes Discovers A New Game With His Parents



  • Tazo, the cat is obsessed with boxes.
  • His mom wondered what would happen if she puts the box on top of their vacuum cleaner while the cat is hanging out in it.
  • The cat fell in love with the new ride his parents invented for him.

Kristina Jeon added Tazo into the list of household members a few months ago. The family is still learning about the new things that come with this new addition, but it did not take long for them to find out what his favorite things are. 

“He loves boxes,” Kristina said. “And plastic bags. His favorite days of the week are grocery days and any day that packages arrive.” 

The cat could spend an entire day just sitting in one of his boxes. His hobbies include hanging out inside cardboard boxes, looking around the house for them, and racing towards empty boxes after he finds them to claim them for himself.

One day, his mom wondered what would happen if she picked it the box while the cat is hanging out in it.

“He looked so comfy that I started carrying him in the box, kind of like a chariot, and he seemed to really enjoy the view from above,” Kristina said. 

Kristina carried the box around the room, playing with their cat. She remembered that their Roomba vacuum was running in the next room. This started an idea in her head for a new playtime with her cat.

Tazo was in for one fun ride. His parents tried putting his box on top of the vacuum cleaner and played around with the cat. Tazo fell in love with this adventure his parents invented for him.

“We didn’t expect that he would stay in the box so pleasantly, despite all the spinning,” Kristina said. 

The Roomba fun time had to end at some point. The cat and his box were removed from the vacuum cleaner for his family to continue with the housework scheduled for the day. This did not stop the cat from following the vacuum cleaner everywhere, probably hoping to get to ride the thing again. 

Now, the cat starts meowing loudly every time he sits in one of his boxes. Most likely, asking for another Roomba fun time with his humans.

“This can become a nice playtime for him in the future,” Kristina said. 


Source: The Dodo